Letter to Olly

Olly...I looked up at the darkned sky tonight as bullowing clouds hid the many faces of the stars, not even the moon turned to greet me as I raised my arms up high in salutation. For a moment I pondered whether this was like you and I, you turning your back toward me hiding the pain of many years past. I pondered, holding the lingering moment close to my heart, whether you somewhere on this barren earth stood arms raised enjoying the attention of the galaxy, no clouds obstructing their gaze, lovingly enveloping you...comforting you. It wasn't easy you know, Olly, it wasn't easy holding my breath as time slipped through my hands, our hands...it was painful, a burning reminder of a time which has never been nor will ever exist between us, it cut deep, Olly, deep into the flesh severing bone, slicing inch by inch into veins filled with blood wildly flowing as the river crimson...Olly, do you think we will ever regain that momemtum? I held you for an eternity, Olly, I held you ever so tightly as I sung the lullaby which soothed your demons...yet you will never know them by name, your heart hardened by chaos and discontent...oh Olly...I thought I saw, for but a moment your face between the clouds as a lost star twinkled before it died.
LetterstoOlly LetterstoOlly
31-35, F
Aug 22, 2014