Where Have You Been - A Personal Post Of Melancholy Firsts

In the corner is her baby car seat, the one we brought her home in; she loves to buckle her “Baby Vanna” in it for a ride to the store. Just across the room is where she took her first steps; it began as more of a scoot, and then she cautiously lifted herself off the floor-ready to run her toddler marathon. In that mirror over there is where she says she is a beautiful big girl every morning.With a little smile she will look at my reflection behind her and say, "Isn't that true?" I tell her it is very much true because she is beautiful inside and out. This makes her giggle as I pick her up and tickle her. Right here is the dents in my gold necklace that she teethed on as she was cutting her first tooth; I think those little marks add character and I wouldn’t take a million dollars for it. Look in the corner, you will see her first tricycle; it only took me fifteen minutes to teach her to go forward using the pedals, Now it took a little longer to learn reverse and the skid marks on the molding are a testament to that fact.  Out in the yard you will find her first sandbox and her first swing; although she has outgrown the little toddler safety swing I can’t bring myself to remove it from her “big girl swing set”. She loves to swing higher and higher on that swing set every day and that scares me to death. She is growing up so fast and no longer wants to be called “my baby”. Right here in my chest is the heart that she has owned from the first day I held her in my arms.  I have been here for her from that day forward. The question is, where have you been?


... And the answer to Stevie's question is "YES, she is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen and she never fails to make me stop and look at the beauty around me. I am truly blessed." 
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Oh ya! That is why I literally have thousands and thousands of photos of her, in every room of my house.... my car... my office... on my phone. Anywhere i can post her with the exception of the internet. thanks for your comment pen.

They grow up so fast. :-)


Hey, i used to be one here before and am now back, please add me so i can message you, we also exchanged a few emails too. ;)