When I bought my new house at auction, I was very excited. Yet since I moved in 18 mos ago, a series of bad things have happened.

1. a tree fell on the house causing much damage

2. my partner called off our relationship

3. a close friend died

4. there has been a noticeable and unexplained loss of friends.

The previous owners of the house went bankrupt and that is why they were forced to sell.

Is there a connection? Bad vibes? A curse on the place?

My academic training says that the events are simply coincidental, rather than causal effect.  But I wonder...

If it were not for the fact that I would lose money over it, I would sell the house.

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Thanks for your comment celestiallds<br />
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What a scary experience you had. The fact that you were able to go to sleep under those circs. was amazing.<br />
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I have since done some cleansing of the house to rid the place of negative energy and am feeling better about it.

I liked Enna's suggestions. I would definitely have the house blessed. <br />
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In 2002, when my husband and I divorced, I moved into a small house with my young daughter. One night when I was getting up to use the restroom I heard someone walking around downstairs. I have wooden floors so it was easy to hear them. I didn't have any way to protect us and felt constrained not to confront the intruder. My daughter was in my room sleeping with me that night, so I laid back down in bed and pretended to be asleep too. I heard footsteps on my stairway, then into my bedroom and felt my bed move as if someone had set down next to me on the side of my bed. I'm embarassed to say I was so frightened I must have passed out because the next thing I knew it was morning. I looked over at my daughter and she was unharmed and still sleeping. I jumped out of bed and went downstairs, half expecting what little possesions I have to be gone, maybe the front door open....but there was nothing amiss. All the doors and windows were still locked. Soon after I had two Priesthood holders from my church come and bless my house. I'm still perplexed as to who or what was in my house that night. Wouldn't it be funny if the Lord had sent me a messenger for some reason, but before he could say, "Fear not", I was already unconsious!?

Thanks Enna. You have made some good points and suggestions.

Oh Fleur, that is awful for you! I'm never sure if I do or don't believe in these things - I guess I'm the proverbial fence sitter!<br />
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But I do think it is difficult to keep feeling good about yourself or your life in a house where such things have happened.<br />
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Would you consider a ceremony to cleanse your house? An Aboriginal smoking ceremony (using smoke to clear the bad stuff) might be useful or perhaps consult a Feng Shui expert . . . ?<br />
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I guess I would feel like doing something definite to draw a line under the bad luck and give me a starting point from which to move forward in a more positive manner . . . <br />
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Of course you must do whatever feels right to you - whether it is to ignore it, sell the house, or try another remedy.<br />
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Just know you have my very best wishes for a better and happier future, whatever you decide.