Bathing In An Evening Gown.

Hi, as most of you may know i love getting wet with my clothes on, even though i am male i also like wearing evening dresses in the shower as well. Infact i have just gotten out of the shower bathing with a long purple gown. Even though i wear womans clothing i am still a male person and i am not gay or a cross dresser. [ I even have a girl friend ]
I do all my wet clothing like a business with on money involved or more like a game and so wearing womans clothing is just part of the fun.

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3 Responses Apr 12, 2012

Do u have a video of it if so reply with the link

I wore my evening gown in the bathtub with my girlfriend. She had on a skirt, sweater and nylons. I wore a silk evening gown with a matching jacket, lingerie, pantyhose and heels. I don't think my GF was too happy as I went in wearing formal clothing, while she was doing more office attire. Either way, it was one of the hottest wetlook experiences of my life.

Oh yeah, from another male who is not a total crossdresser or gay. I haven't progressed much beyond wearing pretty shoes in the water. Full gorgeous gown or a woman's business suit would be nice, but limits of time, money and privacy make that a no-go-yet.<br />
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Water is too scarce for a daily shower here, but occasionally I add a skirt my wife gave me. Outdoors wading is wonderful, spring is on us, and I'm going through my small round of favorite fem shoes. We went to the beach with the dogs for the first time this year. I gave the new super comfortable leather pumps with 2" heel a workout and they're even more comfortable now.