I Do Every Morning

I shower in my clothes every morning, i love doing it because it feels good. I have system where i have all my clothes listed on the computer and when i draw a number out it tells me what clothing i will be showering in.   

H20Hutch H20Hutch
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2 Responses Feb 17, 2010

I do shower with my clothes on but only after i've worn it working in garden or in garage to remove excess dirt before washing it in washing machine.I found it much easier applying hand cleaner on oily areas while wearing the jeans than holding it in your hand.Have you ever poured about a litre of dish washing liqiud on yourself?This is fun !!! Rubbing it all over you creating a slippery lot and your jeans shining from the liqiud.(bloody hell-I can't remember how to spell liquid !!Fluid??-I get too excited about the prospect !!)Then scrubbing the oil patches with nail brush and voila-clean jeans !!!.

Do you change immediately before you shower, or is there some wearing of the clothes first?