I wanted to introduce myself here. My name is Lizzie, I'm 13 years old, I have blue eyes, and brownish blonde hair which I always keep in a braid. I love Lucille Ball, puppies, my friends, my family, and music. I can play guitar and piano. I also write songs, mostly country. I love winter time because of Christmas and the cold weather. I don't get much cold weather because I live in Florida. I'm homeschooled, but I want to go to school. I can't live without my iPod, guitar, and stuffed leopard. I have a HUGE crush on my best friend. I'm going to tell him I like him very soon. My favorite candy is butterfingers, preferably frozen butterfingers. I like Taylor Swift. My favorite CD of her's is her first one. My favorite Christmas CD is Randy Travis' "Old Time Christmas" I've loved to sing ever since I was 5 years old, one day I might like to make a career out of it! Well, that's pretty much it! Any more questions about me?
lovaticforever13 lovaticforever13
13-15, F
Dec 3, 2012