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There are a lot of sexy women in my circle and they are sexy for more than just their great looks. They are caring, kind, sensual, giving, respectful and very loving. I think of kassiekat, LG, hedo, AKH, dragon, 2wice, greeneyes and several new friends I'm just getting to know. For me 1sweetloralei is so sexy because she has all those qualities I mentioned and more. I'm sure there are others out there that I didn't mention so If you're in my circle it's because I think you have some of these qualities as well. I love my circle, thanks everyone for being my friend!
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So many to mention but 1sweetloralei sure as hell rocks!<br />
<br />
Makes everyone feel like they are the most special people on earth when they talk to her... a VERY rare and amazingly special quality.

Awww! Thanks so much G-Man! I'm quite honored to be mentioned along side some truly amazing and stellar women. I appreciate your lovely accolades...and for being seen as more than just a female with pretty face or body. You rock! And so do all the amazing women mentioned in this story...and who walk the halls of EP Land. (((Ginormous Hugs))) :))

You're very deserving!

I have to agree, a real lady is hard to find and they are examples of the finest.

You are the epitome of manly got it baby..and know it...hugs sweetie..

I could say the same about you!

Awww, so sweet...I'm with no within you sweetheart. Luv you xxx


aw...very sweet to mention me :) I think you have many wonderful qualities yourself...thanks for being a friend sweetie xoxo

You're very welcome and deserving.