I know that not everyone comments on stories so I began to wonder who reads my stories. I know at a lot of my friends read and comment but if you are reading and not commenting is it that you feel there is nothing to add to the topic?  Are you shy?  I like sharing myself with others and look forward to everyone's feedback so if you aren't commenting on the stories you are reading because you don't think thof us comments are appreciated please know that most of us like comments. Join us and let's have some great fun.

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12 Responses Feb 16, 2010

Sweetie, you are right as I wonder that to.....yes I have read you stories and haven't commented as they didn'r need any more to be had said it all.....

Good point. Thanks for commenting.

I tend to try and at least rate a story if I don't have anything to comment about it. But I do try and comment as much as I can. Sometimes you're just at a loss for words.

I do, I do :) ... I don't always comment but like your stories...

hehe yes it does. :)

I read some of what you post and comment some of the times<br />
<br />
I am shy...but not so much online

I love you Strat.

I am a shy reader....people can't really tell I am reading *nods*

lol I do.

I read ur stories :) <br />
<br />
i think u kno that already though hahaha

rates sweetie?

LMAO. I am just a plain chick and I think you are pretty dayum awesome.