2 Months On Ep. My Statistics

In my Profile for this Date: February Thursday 18, 2010.  I Began here on December Friday 18, 2009. I've been here at this time: For 2 Exact Months by this time. It tells me: I made 87 Stories 2200 People have Viewed and Read my Stories.  I've had a Total of 54 Comments.  - 6 of them for being irrelivant to my Stories.  That's 48 good Comments.  2200 People to 87 Stories is an average of:  25 Views and Reads to my Stories.  48 Comments is =  .55 of a Person making a Comment to my Stories. But Who is all doing the Reading?  Just to Know .55 of some here is about all I know. Making the other of the 25 to any of my Stories = 24.45 as being Unknown to me Here.   (I need to brush up on my Math. I forgot how to do Percentages %)

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1 Response Feb 18, 2010

.5 of 25 = 2%. That means I know 2% of who's reading my Stories, and 98% I do not.