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Why Are Aquarius Men And Scorpio Women Attracted To One Another If They Are Not Compatible On The Astro Chart

Our 2 signs are the most exact opposite on the chart except our sexual compatibility is really high. Why is it I attract Scorpio women and I keep becoming attracted to Scorpio women. All the scorps I've been with we clash, but have similar interests. I still need to get used to how angry a scopio can get and scorpio women try to understand my ability to not answer the phone or see them for a few days and come back like nothing is wrong. Back to square one why is it aqua men and scorp women are so attracted to each other? I'm not the only one who notices this I've seen and read a lot of the same thing but just can't seem to find out why this is.

Aquariman Aquariman 26-30, M 25 Responses Aug 30, 2010

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I am so attracted to this aqua guy and so he does but he suddenly disappeared and from what I heard from my friends he don't like me the same as before. I still like him today and there are signs that he does too with me but I think he's probably leading me on. If he really loved me he'd ask me to be his girlfriend but he didn't or maybe he's just too shy. I can't also come near him because he might run away and if I do stay away I'm afraid he'd do the same. I'm so confused with this guy. Just like the posts that I read Aquarius guy could really make my mind crazy.

A Puzzle if ever I met one. . .Looking for answers myself....guess it's what keeps me interested

Sorry about the prior post. I didn't mean to click send yet. Obviously I am writing here because I am a Scorp female attracted to an Aqua male. To be honest to respond to your original question, I think it is because we both love mysterious people. Mysterious things. I hate people who are just too open about their lives. people say stupid, private info all the time and it is SO unattractive. The Aqua I like is very mysterious. However I am fairly good at figuring him out. He doesn't like to share things about himself with others but will occasionally tell me certain things about his private life out of the blue. Finding/figuring his secrets out is so fun. We haven't pursued anything. I can't tell if he's even into me, but sometimes I can FEEL that he's interested (if that even makes sense). When we look at each other it's weird, because I can almost feel his deep emotions or just something in general. It's like this electric current is zapping me- lmao I feel so lame saying that but the feeling of whatever the heck that is does exist. He's kind of mean to me sometimes. When he gets that way I act just the same back and he laughs. It completely amuses him when I get combative. he is not afraid to talk about girls he's been with or kind of "brag" about his escapades. It's also very annoying, and I just say "why are you telling me this. I don't need to know these things" then other times he will be like "you need to come out with me tonight because I can't go out alone" and I always agree but don't expect it to happen which it doesn't. I don't mind either. I think we are both in terms with our freedom too. I admire that he does crazy things like go to San francisco on a whim. I do that stuff too and I can tell it amuses/interests him. One time I had a photo of my other coworker as my lock screen and the Aqua went to look at my phone and goes "do you love him?" I literally laughed out loud so hard. It was uncontrollable and I go "hell no it was just a funny picture." What else do I find attractive....hmm...he's eccentric & into illicit activities. He's completely wild. I love it. I'm crazy too (not like "crazy *****" crazy but crazy in a good way). I LOVE my freedom. I'm a rising libra and my parents were libra and Aqua so I feel like they helped balance me and shape me into a less psychotic Scorpio like most scorpios who are clingy and annoying. I despise clinginess. The other night my Aqua texted me (very drunk or high....or both) asking when I was going to let him "hit it" I was like...."what" and he said it would be secret and I just told him to go to bed to which he responded saying I needed to go to bed and to consider it. I ignored him until the next morning when I knew he was inebriated beyond repair because I didn't want him to think that I thought he was a creep or that k wouldn't ever talk to him again. I just shot him a message saying "I'm sorry I didn't reply last night, because I was working on something. & I also wanted to wait until your mind wasn't as clouded." Then we saw each other at work and it was fine. He opened conversation up by saying good morning (it was 2 pm) and that I looked like I just woke up and he could see the sleepiness in my face. I love the free nature of an Aquarius. He is fun, he is wild and he is free. There are no other qualities that I love more. We share thoughts and ideas together (when he's not being mean or ignoring me) and we laugh about stupid things. We tease each other all in good fun. Idk. I'm kind of a paradox Scorpio because I don't want to feel locked in a relationship. I like my freedom. I hate earth signs to be honest. They're so annoying and clingy and disgust me. I would trust the Aqua I know in a crowd. Of course he will find other women attractive. We are all humans after all, but I would trust him unlike other signs I have dated. There is just an honesty about him. We never talk outside of work really unless we go to a gathering together randomly. He occasionally texts me at 3 am (inebriated most likely) with random things like "shhh" or I forgot what the other messages were but they were short and made no sense. All in all, the mystery, the wild demeanor, the eccentricity, the intellectual/deep conversations, the lightheartedness, the playful personality, the way he smiles and laughs, the free spirit. Idk. Everything attracts me. Unlike a Cancer who I find to be crybaby whiny clingers with no mystery at all because they pour out their emotions like a fountain. Some people like that some people don't. Sorry this is so long... I wanted to put it my Aqua experiences along with answers to your original question

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The way u describe urself is like a Gemini which is one of the great matches for a Aqua along with a Libra. I posted this in the middle of the engagement with my ex fiance el scorpio. I've figured out a lot since then. When he ignores u it isn't cause he's purposefully doing it. Like you said we are free, we float from one thing in our head to another. If your really worth it to us we always stay in contact with periods of you not being able to contact us. The way you describe him is very similar to the way I act which most Scorps don't like except the eccentric part. I randomly say personal things to someone I believe I'm close with. We treat close friendships similar to a relationship so don't get confused with the messages that we send out with our actions. I'm glad you can take the playful insult exchange that we do and shoot it back at us. I react the same way when someone close to me fires back and just laugh and love it. We get inspired to do things randomly and if it's something we enjoy we usually finish it with a zealot obsession, then after the obsession we are back to normal. It's hard for a Aqua to find a stable relationship because of our random nature. The only persons besides my family that I met in my entire life that completely understand me is my best friend who is a male Leo and my best female friend who is a Gemini. Other then that half the people think I'm crazy cause of how easy I go from one thought to another with no apparent connection from each thought. So keep your Aqua friend around. I know I was attracted to the strength, fierceness, sensuality, and incredible beauty of a Scorpio. I wish mine was like u more and less clingy.

This is the same girl with the recent post below. It's been a month since I've been here and man... We went through hell. We argued for 5 hours straight but then he dropped it. Everything went perfect after that UNTIL a guy complimented me on twitter. That's when he completely shut me out. He hasn't talked to me and I tried talking to him, calling him, texting him and waited outside his house for 2 hours. He was even out too with his brother and I'm pretty sure he saw my car. Still haven't heard from him since.

U def need to give him some space. Going to his house and waiting for him will def scare him off. They don't like to be smothered and he's seems like he's now easily jealous. I would back off a little bit instead of getting into it with him. After a little bit of stepping back see if he comes around then.

Hi, I am an Aqua female. I am just going through a break-up with a scorpio M.
I feel like my whole world has shattered. We had a 9 year age difference , he always told me I was the youngest but smartest woman he has ever dated.
I moved across the states to try things out with him. and they were amazing. I had never felt a connection like I had felt with him ever in my life. I did not think such a fire could be shared between two people. But being an aqua.. you know how it goes, we like to be around all kinds of people, music, art, comedy, different restaurants and surround ourselves with people who generate goodness. I wanted to open him up to my life and culture. I had indulged in his and it was amazing but it was like he never wanted to leave his box.
so when I decided to go out this past Friday night to a basketball with my two friends and one my friends 12 year old son (which scorpio was invited to), he got mad jealous!
He had already started to show his jealous side a few months back when I would be texting, literally my coworkers about the schedule or my friends back home on the west coast. I am always with him at his house even though I have a beautiful studio I proudly pay for myself. I did everything. Held him down to the fullest. All I wanted to be was around him. Be home in bed with him every night, because it felt like the safest place in the whole world. He thinks I have been seeing another man, which in not the case at all.
I was in a past relationship for 7 years and never felt like we would be married.
I been with this guy for 5 months and I want to have his babies.
I know his last gf cheated on him, so maybe he's holding onto that experience?
I don't know what to do. we have argued in the past and he would block my number and then we would usually kick grass over the **** and keep going. He hasn't blocked my number yet. He tells me to leave him alone so thats what I did. I cried all day saturday until I fell asleep around 9:15 watching Portlandia. around midnight I heard his txt message ringtone. and it said,
"seems like your having a blast.
no texts.
no cares.
no worries.
you aint telling me ****. be safe out there.
seems like your busy doing you. your a very smart girl"

I was literally asleep. dehydrated from all the tears I cried that day.

Aquas myself included our extroverts and Scorpio's are emotional introverts. Almost all my friends that dated a Scorpio including myself always notice they end up only spending time with the scorpio and slowly lose contact with friends because they stop communicating with them as much while being with the Scorpio. I'm sorry to say after ending my relationship with my ex-fiance and scorpio I've never been happier. I was like u desperately in love and felt a strong connection. The problem was, is that I was accepting of our differences while my Scorp tried to change the differences she didn't like of me instead of accepting them. I finally got fed up with her trying to always keep me around her and not wanting to go out and do things. I just started to go out, I would still let her know where I was going and that she could come most of the time. But she refused and always pointed out some miniscule facial expression or word that was used at one point when meeting the person to say that person didn't like her. Then from there when I was going out, it was I was seeing someone else and cheating. Even tho u love someone that much and care about them. If they are holding you back from being urself and doing what you like end it before it gets harder to leave.

its so funny how all of these are similar. well, ill begin by me posting my snapchat username on twitter. i had a lot of random people snapchatting me and i wouldnt know whats their twitter or names. so my aquarius man would snapchat me aaaaall the time. i didnt know who he was at all and i didnt feel an attraction towards him. he would hardly show his face too. so couple of months later, i had a sleepover with my girlfriends and they invited alot of people just to chill and smoke. i was really high and i felt stuck. i heard a couple of guys trying to get my attention but i ignored them. and one of the guys were like are you the 'famous snapchat ___' i was like wth who are these people? haha. so the next day, when i was sober i was talking to my friends about that and asked who that was. i ended up finding out that it was my aquarius man trying to talk to me. it had me in shock, i had no idea it was him. from there we started snapchatting again and eventually texted. we started off as friends and when we text its PARAGRAPHS and PARAGRAPHS. we would talk aaaall the time. and when we went on our first date it wasnt awkward at all. we both opened up to each other and we laughed so much. now hes the first person i go to when i want to tell something. hes REALLY possessive over me and he gets jealous REALLY easily. when we fight, we f*****g fight! but in the end everything is okay and we know we cant stay mad at each other. we fix things and we have such a strong connection. we both show different ways for our affection towards each other. and today is kinda the day where i experience that he needs his own space. i mean i have a couple of times and i would get mad but i understand that he has things to do and that hes always busy plus, we talk too much. honestly we've only talked for 3 or more months and i have never felt this way towards someone. i dont really know anything about him and neither does my friends and i want to figure him out. im so curious about him. im so intrigued by him and everything is so intense. it may be a bumpy road but i know were going to last.

Girl your young you got a lot more fish u need to see in that ocean we have out there. I know exactly how you felt, like you really found someone. Don't let that rule your decision. Any aquarian is possessive of anything he cares the most for. That's because only people in this circle can hurt them emotionally, so we are real critical of close friends and loved ones. Aquarius are sometimes too honest, myself for example, I notice I give more information than is needed at times. Or when asked questions like do I look fat, he will say in that dress you do but your not. Most cases men will say no to be courteous even if they think they do look it. So he's going to open up to you easily. Your going to get to a point where he will not talk to you for periods of time and it's not cause he doesn't like you. He's just off doing other things, but he will always keep up with via text at the least. Too much emotions specially from a Scorpio who is ruled by emotions can overwhelm us and we need a break from it time to time. I have to say it is addictive so it's hard for us to leave. Let me know how things are a few months from now and lets see what happens in between then.

about a few months ago i met an aqua guy (im a scorpio woman) .. at first i didn't feel any attraction, although he's very handsome, but i felt that he was attracted to me. so he gave me his number and i still wasn't truly 'touched' by him, until once i texted him if he wanted to have a coffee or something (i was really bored, just wanted to hang out with someone) so he said 'sure why not' then we met and of course he ended up at my place... then things continued like this for like 2 months, him being very kind and caring to me, and i started to develop some 'feelings' for him and i told him that things changed from my point of view and if he doesnt feel anything like that then we should stop now (we used to spend not so much time together, because of his work..) so after i told him how i felt, he started ignoring me, and now we dont talk at all, i dont know what is up, because whenever we were together he seemed that he really enjoys being with me and he actually acted like we were 'officially' a couple. now he's completely gone ...

My current is an aquarian man from India. He is extremely westernized...not at all the typical Indian guy. Anyway, we are 8 months in and this has by far, been the most insane relationship either of us has had, EVER. Scorpios get possessive when in love, and this drives us crazy because Aquarians like their freedom. Last week he told me he needs space. I took it hard and was pissed. He didn't realize that in America, that usually mean a breakup is imminent...but he meant he needs some him time. However, being the fickle **** they are, three days later he was telling me to come over and spend a few days and off we went, to the shore. (we are in jersey). These guys can be either very cool or very hot. Sex is very frequent with us, but it changes according to his mood. Memorial day weekend we took a road trip to Virginia Beach, which became a honeymoon like lovemaking session the moment we checked into the hotel...and the last night there was a pretty decent fight that had me in tears. But low and behold, as usual, the next morning, we were back in each others arms like nothing happened. They can be the most sweetest person...then at the wrong word spoken, be a real son of a *****. Especially when hungry. He confuses the hell out of me too when it comes to the whole love thing. In the beginning, he told me one night, 'dont fall in love with me...Ill break your heart'. A few months later, whole having sex, he looks down at me and says, 'why dont you tell me you love me when we are intimate?' UMMMMM....So now, Ill tell him, 'luv u' sometimes, but he has yet to say it back. Tonight we had a healthy fight...and he texts me the following, "If you freaking loved me, you wouldn't be giving me a hard time and wouldn't send me to bed mad. Love is selfless." (The fight was about me, the jealous Scorpio girl I am...born on Halloween...the height of the signs intensity, getting mad that he added some idiot girl he used to mess with on twitter. He told me she texted him before I even found out...but still, I didn't like it. So at midnight, I blew his phone UP.) I really love this kid. We have a lot of fun, he helps me in many ways, we are even very much alike, and I am pretty sure were gonna get married. All his friends, even as Indian as they are, tell him to marry me....and Indians rarely get hitched to white women. But if I want it to work, I need to learn to allow his freedom without being hurt and suspicious. He did plant hurdles though. he first 3 months of our relationship he was still trying to hook up with other girls. I found out. You can't hide anything from me. And he was doing this while telling me he wants to build a relationship with me. So yes, I was MAD. Aquarians are good at stirring up ****, giving you reason to be suspicious, but then getting angry when you ask questions. Oh, and they have quite the jealous streak too....god forbid I add a male on facebook. But they don't see their behavior as wrong. And dont ever make them feel like the bad guy,,,even if they ARE at fault. I am sure we can get through these petty things.

what is the best way to go about getting a aquarius male if your a scorpio girl?

Respect his independence and his own time. We love our freedom and to get our own space free from everyone. So don't think that he likes u any less. We don't directly tell you we love u or like u. We show it. Our heads are a lot of the times in the clouds but we are always aware of our surroundings. Remember too we are exact opposites on the astroloigical wheel. We actually are one of the worst matches, but opposites attract in nature. Your body gives off pheramones to attract what you do not possess genetic wise. Trust me Aqua men are easily attracted to Scorpio women who are always beautiful. It's keeping them is the hard part for a scorpio as long as you can understand when he wants to do his own thing or be by himself without your company it's not cause he likes you less. It's just a aqua thang. If you have any more questions feel free to send me a tell.

Initiate communication more often

Everything you guys said is so true. I fell in love with an Aquarius man. (I'm a Scorpio). He was everything to me... His mysterious ways made me so drawn to him. We would fight sooo much.. and we would make up like nothing ever happened. There were times we would stop talking for so long... and then go right back to each other. Every time we stopped talking, the times we would come back to each other, we were stronger than before. Every time I had hope in us, something would go wrong. His detachment would drive me insane. I respected his independence.. but sometimes I just wanted him to myself. And he didn't always give me that... which really made me upset most times. And I would tell him that I was upset and he would just just so irritated with me. Which would cause us to argue and stop talking to each other for like EVER! No doubt in my mind, I miss him. We completely stop talking because he decided to finally "let me go".... I still feel those sparks whenever I see him, though. I still get that same feeling inside when I see him. We don't speak at all because of him, but wow.. I wish we did. I've never missed anyone so much. Sometimes I feel like he still cares about me the same way I do of him but who knows? He's a mystery, that guy. He'll keep so much bottled inside when all I wanted to do was speak my mind and tell him how I feel about him. I was crazy about him... and maybe I still am. :/ I'll never truly know how he's feeling unless he tells me.. that's it. :( Whenever a mutual friend of ours asks what happened to us.. he says "I just couldn't do it." That's what he says. Once he saw me at a friend's party... and the moment he saw me, he left. Why would he leave? My friend asked and he again said, "I just couldn't do it." DO WHAT? He and I don't even speak. I don't hit him up. I don't contact him in any way, shape, or form. But he obviously still feels some way if he has to run away every single time I enter the room. I feel like there's still something there... Idk what it is, but I feel it. Even if we don't speak anymore. We have been on and off for 5 years and now it has finally come to an end... or has it? I loved the way he would treat me. He is very strong willed, intelligent, and kind. He loves hard, and would take that risk.. even if he is afraid. As much as we butt heads, I understood him. We complimented each other really well... it really sucks that it's over between us because if I could go back and ride that hell of a rollercoaster with him again... I wouldn't hesitate. He was honestly the best I ever had.

Kind of a late reply...but as an aqua female, if he's ignoring you, he still has feelings for you. We Aquarians are friends with the world, and frankly it takes a lot for us to give a damn about people's opinions, even about haters. So when we make an effort to ignore someone it's a strange way of showing we care. If that even makes sense lol

Well I am a scorpio female. And when I was with my aqua, it was always making up and breaking up. And I know for a fact he would just do it sometimes to drive me insane and then have an intense make up afterwards. But besides that he was the kindest sweetest honest and sincere person I've ever met. He spoiled me. I always felt so lucky to have him as my boyfriend.And I learnt so much when I was with him.Even though I am the one who ended it. I did it and thought it was the best for both of us. He actually begged me not to, I knew I would regret it. But I was really constantly insecure around him. And had deep trust issues with him. And was tired of the constant arguements.But I won't lie. He treated me like his princess and I know look back at our relationship and it seems like it was all a dream, and feel like I should fall back asleep in order to continue or re dream that dream. But he moved to the states now and I guess it is the end of that chapter.It is hard continuing my life and pretending like it never happened.I miss him. And I always deeply regret my choice of ending it. And I still try to seek him out in the hopes that we can eventually grow old together like we always said we would.

Wow you sound like my ex explaining me to someone (which I have heard her do before). I'm going to pose this question to you like I did my scorpio, " If he treated you like a queen and it was like a fairy tale, why did you all argue a lot? and why did you feel insecure if he showed you his affection a lot?" Same exact thing happened in our relationship except when she got insecure she would sleep with another guy then regret it and beg me for forgiveness. After the 2nd time that I knew she cheated me is when I ended it. Then afterwards found out there were 3 other dudes on top of that. So please explain why cause she never could to me and acted like she didn't know why.

It isn't right to compare me to your ex .. While your situation with her is different and my situation is different. I was young and naive and negative and did not know how to control my emotions and his way of dealing with it was just to not respond and do his own things and it was not in my eyes a healthy way of living so I broke it off and said To myself I need to fix my character and give him some time to think, while I get my things together.Well now that I feel ready to hold a serious relationship , he has already moved on. There is no perfect way to deal with some situations. And if it is meant to be we will fall into each others arms again and if not then it is a lesson to learn from.

It's the same with Taurus men and Scorpio women. Aqua men know good women and Scorpio women know that an Aqua man can pique her interest. They are intellectually on point.

I'm a scorpio woman that's been with an aquarius man for more than 20 years (lots of ups and downs, but always enough love there to get to the next step). We just got married a year ago, happier than we've ever been, most faithful friend I've ever had :)

im a scorpio woman too and my boyfriends an aquarius, it true what u said of having a lot of ups and downs lol (VERY true). we've been together 2 years now, hopefully we get to where you are with your husband now :)

I wish!:)

I personally think it's because we are both individually intriguing people! (I'm a scorpio woman btw). We both enjoy learning new things, we both can be considered "different" than the norm, we both look for authenticity, and we don't spend too much time (and often times try to avoid) the shallow types. We both think and reflect on serious topics of life in general, we love to get lost in our heads (sometimes to our own detriment, but nevertheless, we still enjoy doing it!). I've been in love with two Aqua men - they seem so different from each other, but that "detachment" that everyone here is talking about is a serious issue for me as well. Personally, I need that emotional support (more so than I care to admit sometimes because I hate to feel vulnerable, and being with an Aqua guy definitely can make me feel vulnerable which causes me to get upset or frustrated). One Aqua guy I'm sort-of seeing at the moment has dealt with my temper on many occasions and there have been many times that he's shown that he doesn't trust or believe that I do love him. We have broken up so many times (sometimes due to my temper I would call everything off in the heat of an argument especially in the beginning - I also focused so much on our differences that it hurt our relationship because he gradually stopped believing in "us"). But I have to say in the beginning he pursued me HARD! And I didn't give in for a while (not until I got used to him more, but by that time he started to drift away, even seeking the attention of other women). We have never been on the same page - and that thought makes me so sad. He is so supportive and so affectionate when we make love - something I've never experienced before. I know that he would always be a friend to me. He admires my strength of will, my intelligence and convictions. He even has said to me that he aims to have my strength in life. Presently, he and I have just gotten back in touch after a few months of not talking due to constant arguments and misunderstandings, and on some levels it felt like we never left each other, but on another level I feel that he is distant. He has said several times he missed me a lot, as I did him (I've cried at the thought of him not being around). I think with time that he and I can work on things and try to get back to the romantic side because right now it feels like we are close friends with benefits. I know that he has been seriously hurt by his ex (also his daughter's mother) and he probably has placed love on the back burner, but I just hope that he can find it in himself to just believe again, just one more time, and hopefully one day he would consider solidifying a relationship with me (i.e marriage or even just living with each other) - I'm not the type to chase a ring (I've been proposed to by men in the past), I really want a genuine loving and real relationship but him taking a step like that would definitely give me security and comfort.

Wow that sounds identical to my relationship. I just wish my scorpio understood without a doubt I loved her. Instead she gave into her insecurities and slept around trying to get the temporary affection she felt I wasn't giving her. I do admit at times I can detach myself from my emotions, its a great weapon but also can be a great weakness. Scorpio women are so full of passion and strength and thats what we are attracted too. Plus I rarely ever meet a ugly scorpio, you ladies are consistently beautiful more so then any other signs. Getting back, I loved mine cause she made me feel and brought out a more passionate me, she also gave me strength and backed me up fiercely. We did argue a lot cause we see things very differently and I know that now. He'll come around one day u'll see.

I really hope so! I miss his love...but the reasons you gave for loving her seems to be the same reasons he's given me that made me smile...I have been feeling so discouraged lately...he's been a little more distant and it's made me start feeling more remorseful for all of the things I've done to ruin our relationship (my temper and my need to focus on our differences and my inability to completely believe in us) ... now that my mind and heart is completely open to him and the possibilities his seems more closed...I'd hate to know if I've really sealed our fate and that there is no hope for he and I...we are really good for each other otherwise...I do support him fiercely and he shows me the affection and tenderness I didn't even know I really needed...what advice if any could you give me? (And thank you for replying)

What I constantly see is that the Aquarius male wants his freedom often and his own time. The Scorpio woman feels that the Aquarius wanting his own time often is rejecting her. What both need to realize is to respect each others differences. The Aquarius needs to know he's making his Scorpio feel unwanted and devote more time to her without sacrificing so much of his own time and independence that he feels the relationship is a burden. The Scorpio needs to understand that Aqua males are one of the most bluntly honest and loyal men in the zodiac and that the needing of his own time does not mean he likes you less or doesn't care. It's really a balance of both sides. That's why our signs are rated one of the most incompatible because both sides usually don't come to this understanding. On the other hand, Scorpio females and Male Aquas are one of the most compatible sexually. So be sure to be able to separate love from lust in the relationship. Also do not try to control what he does or who he hangs out with. I know with 2 of the scorps I dated that was the main issue that did it for me, that and their inability to meet me half way and compromise. I actually find the Scorpio's temper very sexy sometimes. The passion makes me fall right into her arms a lot and it seems Scorpios like it too :) In the end the compassion, understanding, and intellect from an Aqua male seems to intrigue Scorpio females. The passion, beauty, and strong will of a Scorpio female always intrigues us Aqua males.

sounds exactly like my relationship with my boyfriends (Im a scorpio woman) in the beginning of just going out. He took my trying to fix things between us as 'clingy' and ended up breaking up but a month later ended up getting back together. what i've learned from an aqua men is that you have to give the space, its a must! show them love and affection at the right moments, but at the same time, don't chase them. show him you don't need him and that u can live without him. and they will come crawling back. I usually do this and it works. I've been with my aquarius boyfriends for 2 years now and we're happier than ever. try this, maybe it'll help :)

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Im in a relationship with a aqua man. We definitley have a love hate relationship. Often on and off, but cannot depart from one another. I look for a deeper meaning in the relationship while he jusy coasts right through it which tends to make me feel alone and suspicious; which also makes me loose my temper.

Myself and my aqua man have more of a complex friendship rather than a romance. But the physical as well as the emotional attraction is extremely hard to walk away from. I can completly loose it on my other half (aqua) and disapear for a while (he does aswell) but when we reunite it is like we never left. I can tell he has nothing but love for me, especially to put up with my rage constantly. His patience and reassurance does help my suspitions untill i go looking for something im unsure is there.

the things I feel we could improve on is definitely our communication and trust. When we start discussing a problem, it completely goes down hill and get no where. I know its my temper, but i also feel that he can show a little more consideration towards my feelings and help me calm down instead of brushing off our problems.

We have been going through the same cycle for 9 and a half years; yes some would say "JUST STAY AWAY" but we are indeed inlove and crazy about one another (literally) so to me he is worth it. We've begun to talk to a third party and dicuss our issues. I can say, i wish we've done this from the first dis agreement.

From what i've learned in our experience is to open up and let go. Aqua men have got to try to give in a little more to their scorpio womans needs and wants (they dont ask for much oyher than love and loyalty) and for scorpio woman to try to be a little more laid back like our aqua man and try to be a little less agressive.

Stefanie? I swear you just explained our relationship, but ours was 4 years. Still... Stefanie is that you?

yea me too..i love aquarius boy and realised then that he is aquarius..he likes me but don't love me.he really takes alone space,which makes me hurt.i hope 1 day he will love me and together work out for the relation..

opposites attract. I'm a Scorpio and I met this guy and I was attracted to him instantly. Something about his personality, I found out later he's an Aquarius. Later though our personalities clashed and we have not talked since. But, I feel he still attracted to me but it's complicated cause I'm married too. I miss him secretly. If ONLY...


I'm a scorpion woman dating an Aquarius man and we are complete opposites. This bothers me a lot! I'm more of an outgoing person on the other hand he is a homebody, I'm so easily bored by him. I love his company and it's very hard for me to be away for him. He nags about getting his space and for some reason I ignore it. Just like he ignores what bothers me at times. As a scorpion woman, I've been catching myself losing interest in him if I'm not around him for a couple days and I don feel whole.

Yes we're the exact opposite with similar interest but I personally consider it to be a balance. With the fact we're both fixed signs we actually have what the other admire and/or lack within ones self. Both are strong willed independent and good supporters. So, we the clashes? The emotions aquarius can't analyze or refuse to accept cause frustration for scorpio. The emotions scorpio feels goes deeper than the surface cause aquarius insecurity. Aquarius can look pass the deep emotions to stay airy and light hearted. Scorpio doesn't agree to aquarius methods of emotional bonds. Agitation of both misunderstanding and not going pass the barriers of their own brick walls (stubborn)! Once those barriers of stepping out their own elements there can be a loyal, respectable, free and loving relationship .

To sum up the most popular attributing reasons as to why the majority would say it would never work is only because they'd or are to scared to have tried as I have in love and lost to find that, being out of all of this as each of us based as individuals, our star signs mearly scrape the basis as from what to expect of each signs characteristical traits, rather than their personalities

In turn the only con in the aquairius male is that we tend being SO LOST IN THE SAUCE we inadvertently loose sight of those people and the things we love most in life and its a scorpio woman all the way, to beleive that love consists only in the total and constant attentiveness through affection (the physical : this is your charm that magnatizes our curiousity)

and as an aquairius as well reading what another posted on this thread was as acurate, I will elaberate behind why we can leave and not answer the phone for a few days

As you scorpion women are so attentive and us only secritvly wishing we knew how to possess the characteristical trait when needed and not be so up in the clouds, we tend to need solice as crapy as it sounds but we take the time alone inalmost all cases to think about what it could feel like (the idea of how it should or would feel in the situation at hand rather you Scorp women as well as everyone else would love us to just show emotion right then and there (but this is where I will except any other aquairius feed back to correct me if wrong),

as for most air signs as aquairius is, (us being the most), its not that easy to control or even identify the emotion when it comes about, its not you scorp woman, the problem lies in the weirdness of feeling anything at all good or be it bad, its never in an aqua males mind to rule out anything before its given time alone to "refflect" on the matter at hand

But as "detached" as you might think aqairius is, it might be in certain areas, but if your aqua loves you, which I'm guessing, cause we are very picky partners as well,

Lets face it your hear, if still reading this, (on a posted love relationship thread)

we hurt just as deeply, if not for longer due to rarely experiencing any kind of emotions, so with those intial emotions you scorps share with us at the first of the relationship we never let the memories of your first impression go, we tend to lach on and living in our minds we never stop thinking about our scorpio women, and being pretty easy to read now, you will always have our utmost loyalty and respect, if you can open up to us by talking things out rest asured that in the relationship, it can't hurt your chances at making things better to come out of your shell and trust that your aqua partner might have a solution, as we have been told we are the lesser, if at all judgmental type, so this might provide a way to clear some tentions presisting in your scorp woman- aquairius man relationships

so in laymens terms we withdrawl not to offend or displease the other but to try to understand the situations response with these so called emotions as allien as they are, in solice

It took me losing my bride to be to find this peace of mind, and if unclear as this messege might be to some whom want, (inquire)

I would be glad to respond back as im starting to see (mainly speaking with other aquirius people) we are the least well read as being our best traits for attraction are our worst for keeping that sexy sign scorpio attentively satisfied

Your response is very helpful. I am sort of dating or is a friend or .IDK, but somehow he and I are connected. It is as if I can feel him when he is thinking of me. At those times, my skin gets cold (goose bumps)and I just have to sit quietly until it passes. Then suddenly, I will receive a text, call, or email. It is overwhelming. I have decided to follow his lead. I do not call him, aqua man initiates our communication. I spend too much time missing him.

Wow that sounds amazing! Buy also familiar. I find my Scorpio as overwhelming as u find your aqua! I agree with the guy above, I'm sceptical about all this zodiac stuff, but my Scorpio has such an incredible personality that when I found out her birthday, I looked her up. You know what? Everything I read was pretty accurate. What a woman! Gorgeous, powerful, subtle, kind, incredible instincts. I feel like she 'gets' me. I know it's a cliche but she has the most incredible smile and eyes like fire; piercing and bright ( and brown). But mostly it's her strength; it's obvious that she has a very powerful will and that is such an admirable thing and such a turn on. I read that Aqua's are also powerful people. Maybe that's the source of the attraction.

Why can't you be with him?

My Scorpio woman-friend is definitely the most beautiful woman I've ever met. But on top of that shes also very real. I'm good at detecting fakeness and she just hasnt got any at all! That's what I like most about her, maybe due to that she is also very perceptive and has figured me out (probably the first person to do so apart from my sister-also a Scorpio). As for the short fuse, it's a sign of strong will and spirit, personally that's how I prefer my women to be! So scorps are perfect, at least 'mine' is. I mean, tried not to fall in love with her, but it was impossible!

im in a relationship with an aquarious guy and we are complete and total opposites but i love to watch him be caring and devoted with his love ones. i used to date a piscis but by my part this relationship brings out the feelings that i was to skeptical to held back now i show them without even thinking.

this is actually very true i'm sort of attracted to an aquarius man at the moment but i'm in denial of his feelings towards me although everyone around me is seeing it :s as a Scorpio woman i can tell u we really have short tempers and well we find u guys being discrete very sexy but at times we're women for God's sake we need some sort of emotional response and what exactly attracts you to scorpio women? because i'm confused about what i did for him to be so different around me...

To an aqua man we love scorpios independence and loyalty towards their man. You r our opposite and in my case at least love all the things the scorp woman is that we are not. We both are honest and blunt but scorps seem to be more aggressive with being blunt. The sex between a scorp woman and aqua man I always heard and have experienced is extraordinary. The one thing we love that scorps hate is our own time and independence. My scorp woman loves being around me all the time and wants to do almost everything with me. I need my me time with friends or doing my own thing. It doesn't mean we're not into you we just enjoy our independence. I know to scorpios it makes it seem as if we're detached or far away, but we are not. The short temper is the truth about scorp women but I got to the point that I understand they don't mean it it's just that you all r frustrated about something or looking out for us when we're in the wrong. So the temper doesn't bother me as much. As always to me scorpio's are some of the most beautiful women I have ever met compared to any other signs, virgos are a close second.

virgo guys are somewhat attractive to me so no arguments there! :)

thank you Aquariman..:)

I am deeply attracted to aquamen

"Oh, i do really love my Aquaman..." though we have an opposite personalities... we can be loved... and we can be happy.. -- if you both really love each other, you could "learn" on how to give and take.. and understand each other so well...

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The only Aqua men I ever dated had their heads in the clouds. One, particularly brilliant man, but a disappointment to me at every turn. Lots of ideas but no plans on how to make it happen. I shall forgive the one because he lost the best years of his life and enjoyed living in the past.

I think its because we are both mysterious people and that keeps us in our heads about each other. Well I love wondering what's next, and my aquarius guy keeps me wondering. :-) we always admire what we don't know and it seems as though aquarius and scorpio will never understand one another but that's what keeps us together because we love the unknown.