What Does Your Favourite Food Disclose About Oneself?

I have noticed recently that certain people on EP have an obsession with a certain food product, namely doughnuts, and have been wondering if this is a subconscious disclosure of their personality.

Doughnuts are; (a) Cheap, (b) Thick, (c) and have a bit missing.

firetits1 firetits1
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4 Responses Feb 12, 2010

its the hole that keeps 'em coming back again and again

Well I'm delighted that everything is understood in the context of which it is meant ladies.<br />
Thank you all for your wonderful comments and feedback, God bless you all at this time.

I know that hahaha It struck me funny though, cause I can eat my weight in donuts! I am well aware of the one who stirs s*** with an ugly stick and loves donuts. Firetits1's description cracked me up!

Uh-Oh, I love doughnuts but I'm certainly NOT cheap, definitely not thick, and I'm told I don't have anything missing. Hmmm....maybe I should stop saying I love doughnuts. It appears people are getting the wrong impression of me! Sorry ;(