I Either Vent Or I Start Throwing Things.

I am a college student. We're elbow-deep in the term, which means lots of homework, midterms, reviewing, etc. So that's what I've spent most of this beautiful Sunday doing-- staying indoors, working on my education.

One little problem. Or should I say, four or five little problems. Which sound for all the world like about fifty little problems.

There is a clutch of small children here, all about age eight and under, who from 7 AM on run up and down the sidewalk out front, shrieking and riding metal-wheeled toys. Not sporadically... CONSTANTLY. For HOURS. Nothing, literally nothing, is conveyed in anything less than an earsplitting part-screech, part-whine: "Mol-LY! Mol-LY! Mol-LY!" "AAAAAAGGGH!" "That's MIIIIIINE!" And what is it about a kid that they run so flatfootedly that a tiny little sandal sounds like a two-by-four slapping against the concrete? Damn kid can't weigh more than forty pounds. I've heard quieter linebackers.

Now granted, we're in a second lull as I write this. I think the baby mamas (naturally, the daddies don't live nearby) actually feed these little bastards, which only gives them energy to repeat the earlier performances-- anywhere but in Mommy's living room, of course.

I guess having a problem with this makes me an evil, bad person. Isn't the never-ending blood-curdling shriek of a three-year-old girl's "outside voice" supposed to be ambrosia to my ears, coming as it does from a sweet little child? Shouldn't listening to someone else's crotchfruit test their boundless energy for hours on end make me want to cry with joy, rather than smash all the dinnerware against the nearest wall? And, most importantly, doesn't such music make me regret my decision to not joyously, mindlessly add to the world's population?

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1 Response Oct 23, 2011

You made several important points, which I want to enlarge on. There are two huge problems in society. One, there are too many women ( or girls ) who want to have all these kids, but don't want to raise them or take care of them. Two, many of these same women have kids with loser men who contribute nothing to the children's upbringing. When there is no father in the picture, kids can easily get spoiled, neglected, and out of control. Third, children are not all as sweet and innocent as a lot of people seem to think. Like you, I don't find young children's behavior "adorable"; I find it infuriating. I, too, get tired of being cast as a bad, evil person because I find little kids annoying. Don't misunderstand; there is nothing wrong with having children if you and a commited partner ( ideally, a spouse ) have the financial means, available time, physical strength, parenting skills, interest, and intent of providing the children with a good home and raising them to be courteous, responsible, productive members of society. Too many people are mindlessly bringing kids into the world and not taking care of them. Likely, the mothers you described are not actually feeding their kids; some free government program is providing food for them. Sometimes I think such programs just enable these parents to be irresponsible. Don't get me started on that topic, or I'll be ranting, too!<br />
Good post! Take care!