No Support Groups For Women Without Children.

I found out at 35 (20 years ago) that I had polycystic ovaries and endometriosis. I can still remember going for my pre-op appointment for the hysterectomy and being in the waiting room on well baby day.
I was hysteric. There was a kind nurse that noticed me bawling my head off and took me to a private room. She was so kind and understanding. I will never forget her kindness.

It was the nurses after the operation that were not as kind and not as sympathetic.
Even after all of those years, the hurt is there. There was no support group for me. I just had to accept the situation and go on with my life.
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I'm glad that people are reading my story. I do not dwell on it as much as I used to. Though the pain is still there, I find that channeling this into crafting poetry and writing stories are ways of coping. A few new friends help too. I love my life, but it would have been nice to have someone call me mommy.

I wish we could sit and have a cup of tea. It is a very private experience that does get much attention. Stay strong.

I agree with you. I am 26 and i have polycystic overies and endo as well. I have had three miscarriages one of those being by ivf and then three failed attempts of ivf. i have had surgery twice and i am a mental mess. I agree that there is nothing out there and i have asked my solicitor about helping me create a support group. I totally understand.