Sometimes They Don't Pull Them, They Just...

Sometimes they don't pull them, they just hide them in the Mature Question Closet.

I tried a couple of times to post a question about the paroling of a woman who, with her evil husband, was responsible for the the torture, rape, and deaths of several girls in Belgium.  Instantly switched from Current World Events to Mature.  Very irritating. 

Yes, I intended to stir things up with a big wooden spoon.  I think it is appalling that Western countries have such weak rules regarding punishing criminals.  And I mean punishing, not rehabilitating.  When she let two little girls starve in the basement, she lost any chance of rehab in my mind.  She won the right to a firing squad. 

But the question was left to die in the Mature question section.
TheSquirrel TheSquirrel
51-55, M
Aug 4, 2012