There You Have It!


get ready to be offended ladies. so, obviously i decided to experiment to see how things are on the other side. thus the new avatar. and since then in a very short amount of time i have been getting a lot of attention and friend requests because of it (as they barely trickled in before). it is so odd to me, for it's not me, so why would i get any more attention (of any kind) than normal? my avatar is the lucky sexy bastard that turns your clock upside down, and i am the same old normal looking whack job i alway was. it doesn't make much sense to me, so if someone could try and explain it to me i would love to try and wrap my head around it (pretty please)??

however, what does make sense is that if: i add a sexy avatar = more attention. so there you have it ladies, you put up sexy avatars, not because you think it embodies your inner sense of sexiness, or your dream self, oh no, you put those pics up for the extra attention you get by doing it, and then some of you even have the nerve to complain about being hit on here (in other forums)! wtf is up with that? you just want all the attention you can get, and who can blame you, i certainly do too. though for me having a sexy avatar makes me feel less sexy, less wanted, as i feel i am getting ill gotten gains do to someone else's physical good fortune, and that i could never meet an expectation based on the image that first "attracted" someone to "me".


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I use what catches my eye, not worried about anyone else. <br />
Your avatar isn't very handsome, sure that is why you are getting more hits?<br />
In life, people are more drawn to attitude, how a person carries themselves, how they dress, and most they treat others!<br />
The same does apply here although we can afford to be more sexy, or whimsical. Most of us will never meet, it allows everyone to act outside of their normal selves.

Loved this piece you shared...I've been complaining about how the world is becoming so shallow and extremely superficial...It's so rare to see people who appreciate people for what they are inside no matter how beautiful or ugly they look. Those words I just wrote are overused, worn-out, abused and misused, I just don't know any other way to say it... It's like...losing the "beauty and the beast" quality in humans. I loved that cartoon for its high moral...I think everyone should give it a thought..<br />
<br />
And Copper, with a mind like yours, pretty pictures can never do justice ;)

I used before gothic girls as my avatar since I like their dark look but got tired of them for the same reason, guys didn't stop asking if I was them even though I got an album yes the pretty face called their attention that's why I stay with the cute puppy

thank you all for choosing my story to voice your opinions.. they are all lovely as are all of you avatar or no avatar.

When I put my real face...<br />
Anybody will thinking that I'm joking! <br />
They said:<br />
"So is that you? I can't believe it was you! What a CLOWN!"<br />
<br />
Oh yeah... You should ask people who already met me for that!<br />
<br />
So... When I put my original Avatar back...<br />
All user will think that I'm a sicko, a stupid bastard, a troll, etc..<br />
They send a lot of PM with hatred, etc<br />
<br />
Should I care? Nope...<br />
I'm exiled! <br />
<br />
Hidden rules on EP<br />
People always judge the book by it's cover!!<br />
<br />

the extra fur keeps me warm on the days when some members are tryin to chill! hehehehehe

I use myself or models, I like the pictures more than wanting the attention.<br />
<br />
In fact, I had more attention when I had the photo of me with my face covered by a mug....

"No one has any right to assume otherwise." <br />
<br />
oh my dear CJ, i reserve the right to assume anything i damn well please, and so should you.

Further your flawed logic.....a girl dressing sexy for a night would also be asking to be raped. She does it for HER how it makes HER feel. Same with avies. No one has any right to assume otherwise.

My avies reflect my mood. If I;m in a sexy mood...i post one,. If I'm pissed will reflect that. Freedom of Speech. However...I do NOT intend to attract pervs. EW!!!!

Your point is well made. SInce you changed to a fake sexy guy, and don't exactly feel right about it, I imagine you are a really nice smart person, and not fake at all. Right on, if you return to being you, you will still have some new friends, right? Perhaps they are the kind of people who won't care if the avatar isn't really you. It's a test of sorts, I guess. I tried it before and I don't like it anymore. I gave up on using fake pictures and fake names. This is me, and my name is mine.

I couldn't have expressed it better!<br />

Avatars on EP are kinda like clothes. They provide the first impression of the person, and just like in real life, some girls dress like ***** because they don't mind being thought of as one, and it brings in attention!

This story was perfect!<br />
<br />
And sleepless, I've totally thought about adding you cuz your avatar is so sexy but that makes me feel shallow!

I think you just hit the nail on the head there Mr. Coil. hahaha. <br />
<br />
*shakes head*

Bet all the boy bees love ya though, Leila.

And I'm more than just a pretty flower, lol.

To me you'll always be Mr. Little, madison, lol.

Lol to both of you! ^^

you are sexy sleepless, but in, how should i say, a very kinky kind of way.

your the real deal sweet don't let anyone ever try and convince you you aren't.

You always do that just to make me blush, copper!

you don't need nobodies face but yours darlin. it would be a true shame not to see those sweet eyes and that smiling face.

I agree though. Hmmm...but I have to admit I wouldn't mind looking like Scarlett Johannson or Kirsten Dunst. They are so cute!

Yeah, but looks change and are very much effected by your heart, by how happy you feel, how confident, how optimistic. I know some people i think are really beautiful and sexy, who you would never agree if you just saw them walk by - but sit down, listen to them talk, they way they move their mouths and eyes, hands - there are so many ways to express inner beauty - so many ways...

In the perfect world it wouldn't matter what someone looked like. The heart is what counts. But truth be told, looks does matter & it sucks.

thank for all the feedback guys! i often feel i often feel helpless in every aspect of my life except one. i can alway, always learn, not matter where i am or what is happening to me. and i know there will be no end to what i can learn in life and what better place to learn than here, and from you all. thank you for giving me that opportunity!

I dunno. Why do men desire nice looking cars, and nice looking girls? Why do women wear make-up? We wanna look nice, feel nice, about ourselves. But whats important here is also how you think and act toward others, it cant be all about yourself.. I'm not into those who think they alone are the center of the universe. Each one of us is preciious and important. Outer beauty fades, always will. A beautiful smile and a beautiful heart is the most attractive thing on this earth, and like my grandma and grandpa (may they rest in peace) one doesnt need teeth or makeup even for that beauty to shine through. Its your heart that matters, and that will always be the truth.

I don't think the guy in your avatar is very attractive.

Good story. Smart man...