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I think hiding behind an Avatar of a woman is kind of creepy
I do understand the funny ones
but I don't like making a frindhip with someone that potrays themselves as a good looking woman when they are male.
I understand charitures and representing your likes
but not false advertising
JohnnyWarlord JohnnyWarlord
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2 Responses Sep 16, 2012

I had a cartoon avatar at first of what I would like to look like, but slowly got confident to post one of me in the flesh. My avatar is me only a few weeks ago.

thats creepy.

Whats creepy about that lol
It was just a coment from a fellow Marilyn fan.
sorry if it offended you
not my intent. I just notice small things.

sorry, I was reading your My Avatar and how men hide behind womens
pics. Not the Marilyn pic. You misunderstood thats all. lol.

Yes I realized how i misunderstood you. after I had posted.
Sorry still getting used to navigating the site.