Do You Really Not Know?

If anyone is curious why guys are so quick to whip it out I can inform you girls. It's no mystery and YES, they know it turns off 99% of woman. They're just hoping to hit the lottery and find that 1%.
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or their Gay blades lol

Yeah, for their profile pic, no, but in a photo album, yes. It's the same as many people have said - It's what men have to show, and I think people want to show what they got.

That is the Boomhauer from King of the Hill approach lol. Ask woman after woman to come home with you until one says yes rather than slapping you.

I love ur big boobs

That's why most guys want to "get lucky"...

well, thats a good point, but dont you think women do the same thing when they show cleavage or some other part of their body? only difference being there will be 1% guys who will be turned off and the rest 99% will immediately "add to circle" ;-)

"...fair point, I've a big 9 inch **** but wouldn't dream of placing it as a profile pic..."

"...I have placed it as a 'friends only' pic though, that's bcos I want 2c pics of Big **** & the females in turn want 2c my ****, it is only fair...!!!"

depends on what you whip out there. That can increase or decrease your odds...; )

Why do so many guys pretend they're girls? Putting pics of girls up on their profiles and saying it's them? Why don't they just say they are gay or love mincing around in girl's clothing and come out with it?

so true


It's all we have ;)


It makes every woman feel like every guy acts like that too! I wrote an answer to a question that has to do with the guys who say things like that. Anyways I like your thought on it! :-)

it's the same reason they play the lottery, always hoping to hit the jackpot

Hey Proudtits, this is funny! Not it a put-down way, in an ironic way. Your name tells us you're proud of your ****. And why? Because they're big and guys go nuts for them. Well, if you were a guy, what would you be proud of?

Maybe they feel like that part of their body makes them feel like a man. Maybe if men know that they have huge ones, they want to show it off and desperately want that enticed woman to be lured.

LOL, yeah, some guys are pretty dumb.

Actually I have one on the other profile , its a cartoon to word bad spirits :)))<br />
Got when I got to many friends requests recently and it works .<br />
Had a naked chick with big tattoo before, but then many guys started to hit on me

lololol. much to their disarray, that 1% consists of the least likable girls out there I'm sure.

I'm sure it is lol. Men are immune to shame and being discouraged lol.

I guess. My brother isn't though. He's respectful and all that :3