So  here's the deal.  I'm a work-at-home mom of 2 girls.  I don't have a job outside the house that takes me away from the insanity of tantrums and whining and Barney and Teletubbies.  So I'm here all day, and if I'm not here, my kids are with me so I might as well be here. 

Recently I've been making new friends online (yeah, that's what I'm reduced to).  Most of them live really far from here, in different states or countries, so it's not like I can just up and visit them any time I please.  I have to make do with email and IM and all that.  Lately, one of them has been out here working on a business deal here in Cali.  He's been here for about a month.  During that month, he found time in his schedule to see me once.  Once.  We were supposed to go out tonight, but he bailed on me.  We'd been talking about going out for almost a week and I was really looking forward to it.

I wonder why I even bother.  I mean, I really wonder.

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1 Response Dec 1, 2006

Aww i'm sorry to hear life seems like you got suction cups on your feet and the horizon seems so very far away even to just look if anyone is there waiting..If this makes any sence. I know the feeling of a non-social life, i'm sure i've created the one i live, but i can't help it, i feel like if i'm around anyone i depress them with my saddened life. My Happy, as well as sad moments for me are looking at pic's i took of my kids which seems like eons ago ( 3 are adults now - youngest 10 but lives elsewhere - not my choice) sitting on the pooter with headphones on my head and singing my favorite songs, as loud as i want..hah (kinda embarrasing tho - to look over and see the look on my other half's face that says * Who killed the cat* ) and i use to try and make video's with pic's or make collages and modify my pic's, this use to be how i lifted those darn hoovering storm-clouds.. grrr.. Sorry about my bad sence of humor, was hoping to cheer you up alittle, maybe your that "little pea in my pod who doesn't say much" ;) I'm stuck on metaphor's my bad.. Anyways GodSpeed to you and your girls.. P.S. about you being stood-up i'm sorry, its a shame people can't make a respectable phone-call and explain these, then you won't have to sit and wonder what you did wrong...Tho i'm doubting it was your fault, so don't blame yourself K..I hope this all makes sence it is 3:21 am.. Take Care..skittles off this page..