I Always Wonder Why!!

why im so comfortable being a loner!! i just dont know to be honest with you, cos i mean all my friends and family and people i work with, all seem to be so outgoing, and are always seem happy to be going out socialising and being in each others company, so why cant i be the same way?? why dont i enjoy socialising like everyone else?? why do i prefer instead to sit at home by myself, doing my own thing, even though i do feel lonely from time to time!! this subject doesnt upset me in any way, but i just always wonder why im like this, especially when i get friends and people my own age that i work with, asking me why i never go out anywhere on my days off and so on, and i never know how to tell them that i just dont enjoy myself, especially as i have been out with some of them before on the occasional night out, and i would never want them to think that i didnt enjoy their company, when its more the case that i just didnt enjoy myself in general!!!
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I know, I'm the same.

you see, i wish i could find just that one friend, or as you say, just a couple of friends, that felt the same way, and we could relate to each other in that way!! it would be great wouldnt it?

I wonder why I am too. Everyone I know constantly wants to be around other people and I'm just not like that. Everyone my age goes out with a huge group of people a few nights a week, and I would hate doing that! Sometimes I do get lonely, but when I do go out with other people, I find myself wishing I were at home (most of the time). When I do go out, I'd much rather be with one person or a couple other people than go somewhere with a large group of people. I hate hanging out in big crowds...(not that I have enough friends to worry about that. haha) But anyways, I know what you mean and I wonder why I feel like this too!

that may also be true *wiseowl*!! in fact it might be a whole mixture of things that could be the reason behind why i am so comfortable being a loner!!! thanks for your comments guys!!

I'm a loner because it's quiet & peaceful.Maybe those are your preferences?

thanks for commenting on my story *luna95* i understand a lot of what your saying, especially as to there being nothing wrong with being a loner!! i understand your reasoning as to why you think you are a loner, but i often just wonder why im a loner!! lol

in some ways it does actually yeah!!!

It may b something happened when u were a child where you felt judged, even something you have no memory of, that is still in your subconscious mind, motivating you to be alone, almost needing to be alone. there is no anxiety or presser to be any specific way or meet any specific requirements when alone. It just lets you be yourself completely with no bad feeling associated, except loneliness of course. I am the same way but I know why, I was overweight as a child and endured constant riducule from everyone even my own siblings, so I grew to avoid situations where I would be judged or rejected, etc. Does this ring a bell with you?