My Love Of Music

I grew to love and appreciate music through my mother, she was an accomplished pianist. Over the years, from childhood, grew to love listening to a wide variety of music, especially classical music, some of my favourite composers are Delius, Butterworth Lizt, Tchaikovsky,Chopin, Puccini, Elgar,Vaughan Williams, Karl Jenkins, Rachmaninov, Tavener, and many others.
Very often, when I'm listening whether at a Concert or at home, I shed floods of tears... It's so embarrassing at times especially if I'm in a Concert Hall. I'm sure they are tears of joy; Pop or jazz don't have the same effect on me, and I wonder why.
I know I'm an emotional person, especially when it comes to young children as I have two of my own; but stories of abuse or distress to children have the same effect.
I can't imagine life without music and I dread the idea of growing deaf and not being able to hear beautiful music. It must be wonderful to have the gift of composition.
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2 Responses Jul 19, 2010

Surely I know the feeling. I am glad it's dark, when I'm in the opera. In front of my HiFi at home I don't mind. Not only crying but having goose-pebbles and heartbeating.<br />
A lot of classical music have that affect on me (and only classical like you). Especially the end scene from Wagners Die Valk├╝re is "hard" to my sentiment. You should try it.<br />
And thank you for your other stories. Your affection for classical music and for wearing delicius lingerie is the dream of a woman I unfortunately never met in my life.

I've felt those embarrassing moments of crying in pubic, heartfelt movies did it to me, as a child I would turn around tears in my eyes blaming my mother for giving me her emotional side. Though now grown some movies still force a tear and recently when i watch Marley and Me i blubbered like a baby.