What Should I Do When I Don't Deserve This?

My husband of 8months has been telling me lies lately and i want to believe him but im not crazy. I don't have friends to talk to so i joined this group. I have made him my whole life which is stupid cuz while im playing good lil housewife he is doing God knows what.
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4 Responses May 6, 2012

Oh yeah don't forget to pray. God can create miracles in your life if you just believe in him.

All these men are hoes. You can't trust them you can only trust yourself. You need to make friends and create a circle of support around you which should include family. You have to believe in yourself and be strong. Always love yourself more and put yourself first. You deserve better and you can get better just believe in yourself. Your not crazy it's called instincts use them.

You are correct, you don't deserve this. You need to find out what he is doing and confront him. You are never too old start over if needs be.<br />
Be careful.<br />
Good Luck.

get back at him .mail me ;)