My dream was very weird for me I was walking around late at night and then I guess I decided to go up on a super high building and as I remember stepping up onto the building it was so shaky and very dark and I was alone and my parents didn't know I was out and apparently the tall building I was on was my house which was entirely different but as I was trying to get down from the high building I couldn't see so I took out my phone which had a flashlight thing on it but it wasn't bright enough at all in fact it showed almost zero light so when I stepped onto what I thought was another ground it was like side ways building I got onto and I felt like I was going to fall like I was so scared cause from what I could see I was so so high up but when I got down I went into the door of the building I was just on (the one that is supposed to be my house) and since I kinda fell the whole entire house which is big started swaying back and forth and shaking and I remember trying really hard to stop the swaying but it wouldn't so I go downstairs and I see my mom leave to go workoutband then I hear my dad and little sister start laughing and I look at the clock and it just turned 6 a.m. so I go into my room which is out in the open like in the living room and the lights wouldn't work so I go to the garage and my cousin is just in there and I say I need lightbulbs so he pulls out this huge garbage sack of them and brings them inside and when I got there to change the light bulbs the lights started working perfectly fine but it's weird because this house is entirely different and everything looks different and it was just weird because I felt like I could control things but I wasn't
Sparkletts Sparkletts
13-15, F
Jul 4, 2012