I Know Why I Got Married.

I've had three long term relationships.

With number one I found myself trying so hard to be the person she wanted me to be that I gave up lots of things I think I am. We were together 10 years, in that time I gave up naturism, I hid my bisexuality, I worked while she stayed home (that was what I thought was the norm), and eventually she repaid me by sleeping around.

Number two was both long term and short term. We've known each other now almost 30 years, she knows about my bisexuality, we talked about her going to a naturist thing with me (but its never happened), but we've only actually lived together for about three months, and of that we only actually were lovers for about a month. (She got pregnant within that month.) Now we barely speak, my daughters are almost 12 and we share comments on Facebook sometimes, and there's moments when I think that if I never spoke to any of them again they'd never notice. (Its my birthday tomorrow, greetings (if any) will be via Facebook, I've never had a card for Christmas or birthday or fathers day....)

Number three: I met her about two years after my kids were born, I'd been living along about 2 1/2 years by then, via a dating agency on the net. At the time she was very unhappily married, and I got her first message the day I had to go to my parents home because my mother was ill. (I phoned for an ambulance the moment I saw her, she died five days later.) It was about a week later that I replied to her, and I vowed to be honest with her from day one. I'd mentioned naturism in my web ad, I told her quite quickly that I was bi, we were chatting late into the night seven days a week, and began phone chats, met about two months later for a day of lust and holding hands in the street, and four months after that I moved 200 miles to be with her after she split up with her husband. We married seven years later. 

We've been to naturist events together, we've had mmf sessions where we've both enjoyed seeing each other with another man, we've had financial struggles (still got some), and emotional struggles because of our differing opinions about whether her adult daughter should be allowed to continue in the lazy lifestyle she's in or not.

But we love each other, and thats the most important bit.


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Sounds like you found a suitor right?<br />
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I'm glad you did =) Now alls you gotta do is appreciate it