Happy To Be Married...

I met my wife nearly 13 years ago. We dated throughout high school, college, and even graduate school. After being apart, off and on, for so long, it was time to ask her to marry me. We've been married a few months now, and my life couldnt be better. I love my wife... I couldnt be happier. 

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15 Responses Mar 8, 2010

Good to hear that @least someone else out there is happy. Best wishes ?

don't have a child.

aww thats so cute!! best of luck to you both

That's so sweet I hope my life is like this too!

wish you both the best of luck. :)

that is the cutest thing:) so sweet! God bless you both. <br />
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I hope I can find someone special soon:)<br />
<br />
Good luck with everything in life!!!

Enjoy the magic, The key to a happy marriage is to remember to take out the trash on Thursdays without needing to be reminded:)<br />
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So glad to know.. God bLess You both forever :)

thats soooooooooooooooooooo lovely<br />

I am happy to hear that. : )<br />
I am glad you guys are happy.

sometimes i miss the thought of marriage but then i remember y i left hope u found ur true love

Sounds lovely - very happy for you:)

That is amazing. ALways tell her you love each morning and before you guys go to sleep! Happiness is key to life!!

That's lovely, I am happy for you