Getting Married

He waited for me.  I had trust issues.  I worked on them, and the night before the wedding I told him "you're not marrying me for my great body because I don't have one,"you're not marrying me for my money, because I don;t have any", and "you aren't marrying me because I'm pregnant, because our daughter is already here, so I know you're marrying me because with me is where you most want to be."  That was 33 years ago.  Good enough to have answered the questions in advance.

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Wow! That's an inspiration for sure! :)

EP user, you have eloquently said what I meant about floating on a raft. Thank you.

hi my name is rachel myself and my partner are getting married soon im not sure why our relationship at the minute isnt good he has kids from a previous relationship i didnt know he had kids until she got in contact about having the kids every weekend we were trying for a baby but there is some problems i have been doing tests to know if i can have kids like im 25 and hes 35 he is playing happy familys while im misreble we are fighting all the time it hurts so bad because i have always wanted to have our first baby with him we dont even have sex anymore i cry everyday and am on depression tablets i cant cope i love him so much but i cant cope with his ex ringing and texting him all the time i just really need someone to talk to because i cant talk to him he just goes off on one

Well said, capitolgirl.

Marriage is many years together on a raft. Everything in the sea around you can and might have some effect on you. You are the only ones in control of your lives, and your time together can be frightening, or one hell of an adventure. .<br />
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kayiman, do not worry, Go through life being your sweet, easygoing self. The harder you try to find someone, the less likely you are to find her. If she is out there, she will arrive when you are least looking for her, and the most receptive.

Wow! congratulation,

I am 34 and not yet married. I just do not want to get hurt. I need a lady that is mature than me. Do you think i am crazy? Your story is great.

Keep up the satifying work! We have four grown children and 8 grandsons.

what a great story.<br />
My wife and I have been together since we were 16. Now we are 29 and 3 children later.<br />
we met eachother when we had nothing only to build everything together.