What Is Marriage?

How is marriage defined? Should same-sex marriage be allowed? What if someone had a sex-change operation to marry his or her partner, is that ok? They are legally different sex, so legally they should be allowed to married (in states that ban same-sex marriage, like California, for example). If that's the case, what if the person is not rich enough to get that operation, and why do they have to go through the pain of such operation to get married? If two people loved each other enough to fight for marriage, I think there is at least as much love as the majority of marriages out there.

What is marriage? 

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1 Response Mar 9, 2010

A good point to raise.<br />
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A lot of people wonder about marriage too, why is it necessary - down to dismissing it as just a piece of paper.<br />
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I am old fashioned, with old fashioned ideas and I don't hold with the nonsense saying marriage is obsolete etc etc. I think marriage is the taking of responsibility, declaring to deity of your choosing and people you trust (hence the people you invite to the wedding) that you intend to commit to this person and you are asking their help to ensure your commitment endures.<br />
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As for same sex marriage, it's their business really. It's just a shame that they are left in uncertainty when their relationship stays strong long after others have given up. As far as I can see that is - same sex couple are usually the more loving and lasting.