I Didn't Know...

I never thought it would be like this.  We were so happy for years.  I enjoyed every minute I was with him when we were dating.  He was energetic and always wanting to go out and explore the world.

Since we got married last year, things have changed drastically.  He works long hours and is so tired when he gets home that he sits in front of the TV.  If I try to talk to him he says I'm nagging.

I sometimes wonder "Why I got married!"  If I only knew this was how it would turn out.

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I understand. Leaving isn't always easy. It is very expensive and scary. I would leave but I can't take my daughter out of state which is only 30 minutes away. I would like to go live with my mom and take care of her as she is getting older and needs my help financially. I have spent the last 15 years living next door to his parents and took care of his father until he past away. If you have a good support system leave early in the relationship because the longer you wait the harder it is.

RUN!!! if this is how he is now, then how do you think it will be 22 yrs down the road? take it from me, they never change it just gets worse I am speaking from experience.

Honey listen to that 3rd comment from Juliet. You better get out while your still young or be prepared for what might happen even if it doesn't just be prepared. He will never change and you must realize that sometimes we as women grow up and or spouses don't. But use your head and not your emotions. Think like a man, what would a man do? Follow his lead and I'm telling you the more you worry about the worst it will get. You have to do something and let it go or let him go.

Were you living together before you got married? cause if you werent then this is how hes always been, just not around you cause you were his relief. If you did live together before hand and this is a new thing its probably because he didnt realize what a huge commitment a piece of paper and some rings could bring.<br />
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Ive found that if a relationship is working out really well leave it alone dont try and take the big step because this is what happens. He probably now feels really tied down where as before he felt more free. Before he WANTED to be with you now he HAS to be with you cause who the hell wants to get divorced and deal with lawyers and court? When you two were dating he could leave you and not have to pay for it. <br />
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Wow I just realized how young you are.

That sucks! I think we all put our best face forward when meeting people and it can last as long as there is no certainty that that person will be around 'forever.' Unfortunately, when we get married there is way too much taken for granted. You should be creative and tell him how you feel.