He's The Best!

When my husband and I started dating, it just felt so easy and so right. Even before we started dating and were just coworkers we had a really good connection. We both felt like we'd known each other forever and we could finish each other's sentences. With previous boyfriends there had always been this sense of struggle and strain, like we were trying to fit ourselves to each other. Not only that, not that many people really get me. But my husband did right from the beginning. He understood me and accepted me just how I was. He was and is my best friend. I love him just as much now as I did 13 years ago when I said 'I do.'

Slackajawea Slackajawea
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5 Responses Mar 10, 2010

I want to find something like this... <br />
I am young and foolish now, but this is what I want for my future. <br />
Happiness and love. c:

I secretly dream my relationship with my boyfriend will end up like that. We've been together for over a year now. I know that seems like a short time, but we're only 19. Stories like yours make me hopeful that my life will turn out the way I've always dreamed.

i'm happy for you..wish my love life will end up like yours..it's just so wonderful to have a soulmate by your side...i'm in a steady relationship now..4 years already..wish me luck...i am so happy with him!!!!!

Thank you, Hannah777. I do feel very blessed to have him in my life.

You're very fortunate indeed. A true soul-mate is one of those things only God can bless you with. Being able to share a connection with someone who cares a lot about you. And whom you care for a lot in return. There are few things in life that compare with a treasure like that