The "m" Word

Marriage really depends on the connection you have with your partner. I have been married 3 times not real proud to say but it took me 2 x to find that connection. I moved here from California to marry me a cowboy. I married me a cowboy but I was young and naive and thought he could make me happy. I was struggling with insecurities and self esteem. I was told I was pretty and was secure with myself but I felt I wasnt.

Marriage #2 - I was working for a company for 10 yrs and husband #2 came in he wasnt exactly my type but after going out and actually having a intellectual conversation he made me open my eyes to the broad picture and not just parts of the equation. He had already had a child so the pressure of having a child wasnt there - I was told I couldnt have children. So I thought it was picture perfect. Then the biggest miracle ever happened - I Got Pregnant!!!! Then doubt and lies came out and resentful attitudes happened. He thought I lied to him. I explained everything but tht didnt change anything.

Marriage #3 - We met I was working and he was a mechanic - everyone tried to play cupid and it just happended. We were born 1 day apart our family had the same names, we thought this is too weird. We connected on several different planes. We were both Gemini's and we got along so awesome. We dated for 1 yr and got married Valentines Day.


Its hard to explain what you feel when you meet "the one" but there is a unique connection. There isnt control, hatred, fights (not many), jealous actions, insecurities, you just connect.

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i dont know if i met the" right one" We met by accident in the church. He was from different nationality, In the end, we found out that we shared the same birthday and age. It was amazing! Thought, he is really the one. We have this what we called connection and felt that we've known each other long time. The relationship ended after two months. Why? because he was already engaged when we met. We liked each other very much but his parents want the one she choosed for his son. now, im healing my broken heart