44 Years Of Being Friends

we were both 20 I was a city guy and she was from a small town. first date ended bad, second date after a long talk about what we wanted in life ended in sex. 11 months later we got married, some 100 women later and she is still here. being friends no matter what has kept us together.my wife always meet my latest fling and most of the time they become friends. being a sexaholic  I'm always looking to score maybe it's a trade sex for pills and others it  cash. I've even trade sex for work that I do. 

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I feel for your wife. The disrespect, and dishonor. That you show her. And she stuck around I don't get.

I really wish Ep would boot all the lying perverts who join just to post outlandish completely bullsh*t stories like this. I get it. You guys get off on other people reading it all. But to normal people like me, it's a waste of time and it detracts from the true stories on here, posted by people who genuinely have something to say.

i must say your lucky you know having a wife like her some will tel you u dont deserve her but to be honest as long as you two are happy then stay happy simply as you are.

I've heard of high functioning alcoholics and drug addicts. Nice to hear of a high functioning sex addict who found a way to maintan a life as well as chasing his addiction. I hope the rest of the life has been as good. My only observation is I'm not sure if 100 or so women over a period of a "sexaholic addiction" is really that many. Just a little over 2 new partners a year. The few sexaholics I've known were closer to 2 new partners a week. Either way tho, you found a way to float your boat and hopefully not sink anyone else's, so enjoy!

Whatever floats your boat man...I have a few friends who are into the swinging lifestyle. Was never my thing, but if it works for others then more power to 'em...

does your wife have flings as well?

does your wife have flings as well?

I divorced this kind of guy. I am much happier, and he was miserable as kids left with me.

i feel bad for your wife...

You have discreet relationships down to a science. You should write a book of your adventures. I am sure there were close encounters with the wife too, and the legal system. However, at your age around 70, if it still work, more power to you. I am sure you do not recognize the age difference, and neither does the women in your life.

thats bad, u will end up lonely

I'm a sexaholic no matter what I have to do. trade pills for sex, pay cash for it. ever repair computers for sex. and sex for sex

You need some intensive therapy. You are a sex addict and need help. I pray you are practicing safe sex. Were you abused as a child?

i don't understand the last 2 sentences