A Positive Choice

We had been living together for seven years and had a three year old daughter.  I wanted to get married to give our daughter two committed parents.  It did make a difference and I do firmly believe that being married does make a big difference to a relationship in terms of attitude and atmosphere between the couple. 

I have no regrets at all about getting married.  This is my second marriage and I am still friends with my first husband too.  

I know that marriage is about property and ownership ... I understand the motives behind its creation.  But, I have enjoyed a strong bond with both my husbands and wouldn't hesitate to marry again if such a situation arose.  Equally, I know that non-married couples can enjoy a strong relationship too - but it's a personal choice and I have no issue with those who would prefer not to marry.

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As long as your happy...GO FOR IT (:

thank you aniowagirl ... congratulations!

Yes, I agree Coyote - it can be the best thing if two people are right for each other. No relationship is easy and it has to be worked at or it can fall apart and become a nightmare.

Thank you for the comment misty. I do understand the feeling of wanting a connection with someone.

I've never been married, but been in three relationships. With my first relationship, we were going to be married in 1986, but sadly he passed away. We had been together for almost six years and he was my dream man/husband :)<br />
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Two beautiful children came out of my second, but marriage thoughts never entered my mind with him, because I knew I wasn't as committed to him as I thought I was. We had a very long relationship and I became very unhappy in it and had no intention to stay. <br />
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My current relationship has only been going for over two years and is not a very strong one because we live apart, him in his home and mine in my own. <br />
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I am not getting any younger and I feel the need of wanting to get married. I want to be committed to that one person and I want to share my whole life with him. You know! Like, give them my heart, mind and soul. Having that feeling of connection to one and other, kind of thing? Maybe its a BELONGING thing with me..I want to belong to someone till the end of my days..<br />
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God will steer me in the right direction..like he has always done for me in the past :):)<br />
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I can't be caged either lauren ... believe me ... this girl has wings ... haha. I've always insisted on my own space, friends and social life within my marriages - and it's been positive for me - I've been lucky.

Thanks for your comment Sahira. It's a choice based on personal experience for me. I don't have any negative experience regarding marriage ... the institution is not at fault as far as I am concerned. As I said, I would do it again ... but at the moment I have no plans to!! haha