I Wonder Why I Did Get Married

This is my third marriage and I thought I had found my soul mate.  For the first five years we were happy or so I thought.  We adopted two kids who are teenagers and have put us through the winger.  Now I get the blame for that he never wanted to adopt the kids and was only doing it to make me happy.  Kids are not the blame for what makes you unhappy.  I am lonley and wondering if I will ever be happy again.  I want to return home where I am from and be single.   Being married for me has been very painful.

cottonwoodlady cottonwoodlady
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2 Responses Mar 14, 2010

Divorce was not in my vocab. I tolerated years of abuse (10 years actually) until my daughter was born. After she was born my husband demanded I put her up for adoption - when i refused he became very violent I tried to do everything I could so we could be a happy family. When nothing worked and I was still getting beat -then Divorce entered my vocab. we have been separated for more than a year my divorce is moving slowly but my now 3 yr old is such a beautiful girl. Shes no longer very scared at anything that moves. And I cant wait for the day that we are free from him.

Marriage is a lifetime commitment and at times it is not all that good, especially if you do not understand each other. Believe in yourself and go out for a sole life. Maybe it will give you happiness.