Why I Got Married

  I'm too tired from work to write too much right now...so, I'll just begin with a few notes.  I didn't marry because of passion or love, even though we had both those things.  You can have love and passion without marriage.....I married for security.....security in many areas....financial....we pool our money and resources......security in having someone there each day to share good and bad times, and the help that we give to each other.  I do believe that families provide a good basis for society.....conditions in the family is reflected in the society at large....government can't handle it all....responsibility begins with each individual family....and, to me.....the family begins with a married couple who are legally bound to each other.....It is a commitment to help each other...which in turn will help others around us......

Sible Sible
51-55, F
1 Response Mar 15, 2010

I believe the state has a responsibily to house us, take care of our health, and look after us in old age.<br />
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Everything else we do is a matter of obvious personal choice.