It All Happened So Fast, I Didn't Think, I Just Said I Do

Our eyes met across a booth in a restaurant.  We smiled, looking towards each other often as we continued our conversations at our own tables.  We were leaving the restaurant at the same time and he held my hand.  He introduced himself and asked if I would like to go for a drink.  I left my date, he left his, two months later we were married.  Blissfully happy every single moment until his death just three years later.

I don't know why I married him, perhaps it was exciting, there was something in his eyes and his touch that told me I can't be with out him.  To this day I can feel his arms around me, I hope that never goes away.

mollydd mollydd
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Hi, what a lovely story. I was married for 18 years and never once felt like that. I'm single now and happy because I've acceped a single life, and I enjoy my own company. I read, like writting short stories and play golf.

What a sweet story! Yes, he will always be with you.

so,,,,,what happens if u meet someone else????? those feelings gonna get in the way????<br />
<br />
its a most beautiful story about the perfect love,,,, how will you cope with someone else ???

lovely story

Again, people put up fake ages, if they don't want to display their real age on their profile.

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I don't understand this story.. I mean how old were you when you met him 10-12 years old...?

I'm happy for you.

That's one of the most heartwarming things I've heard, and only in two short paragraphs.

BEAUTIFUL! a wonderful story you are blessed to have the time with you did, and hopefully you will find love again.

hi mollyddi'm unsure of telling you but ,i know how you felt,at least about the seeing for the first time.when i saw my wife 37yrs. ago for the very first time.instantly, i fell madly,devotedly in luck would have it she was in love with this very day with the kids grown,we are still in love.i know just how you must have felt.i am so sorry to hear your story and yet somehow makes my heart warm as were lucky to have encountered a true love.people can live a lifetime and not encounter a true love,you's wonderful to sure as i am of your love for him,i also am sure that he sits right on your shoulder with you.after having read your story,i think i'll make a point of hugging my wife just a little tighter tonight. god bless, molly be well

it won't don't worry babe. that is true love but remember if you want 20 year marraige gonna take some effort on your part. people divorce so rapidly and quickly that things are gonna happen that you may need to forgive.<br />
<br />
for me my husband did the one thing I thought I would never forgive, my biggest fear in fact. But I choose to forgive him as he well, maybe wouldn't do same in exact scenario but he would go to hell and back for me and has stood by my moodiness, hospital visits, too many to count, for moodiness hehe.<br />
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So I believe give and take and always focus on what your grateful for in them, then they will do same for you. Works for me, with my hubby from day one eight years and we having second bub, madly in love.

I'm sure it never will. That is such a beautiful story...better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all...too bad for you dates that night though. :)

what o beautiful story whentrue love strikes you it has a place in your heart forever life changes people change but that place in your heart will never change

thank you dyin2live, therealwoman, vrai, and audul, it was meant to be, sometimes i catch myself smiling, i'm thinking of him, and he made me happy

This was one of those marriages that was truly meant to is wonderful that you had the time with him that you did!

Beautiful, but rare. He's with you, always!

So so beautiful - I'm amazed! Bless you...

wow! that story is so beautiful .. it was meant to be..