I Wondered Why I Got Married To My Ex Lol

Currently I am married to the most amazing man ever. But we both sit around sometimes and just contemplate on why in the world I ever married my ex-husband. 

I don't want to trash talk him too much as he is my son's father and my son is very precious to me. But in all honesty my hubby kidding around will always say " you must have been smoking something real off" lmao. I only laugh but it is so true. We are complete opposites in just about everything. When they say that opposites attract, they Lied!! lol.. well needless to sat I celebrated my divorce. I made a mistake and I corrected it.

Now I am happy in love, no complaints. My hubby and I have SOOOOOOO many things in common, we see things eye to eye and he truly is my best friend. One should always marry because they love a person not because it is expected of you. I am deeply in love with my husband and believe me it shows.!

Cheers to Why did I get married too....I absolutely loved the first one!


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On my third marriage and I think I can say with confidence that opposites do attract BUT then they drive each other nuts! I've been married to a couple of different women with whom I'd say I was about 50% compatible with. My previous wife and I shared a lot of intellectual interests (both scientists) but were slightly different in how we wanted to manage a household. She was also a type-A personality and couldn't accept my more relaxed type-B style. My current wife and I, while we don't share as many intellectual interests (she's a historian), do share a more similar approach to day-to-day living. If you're looking for someone to spend a lifetime with, look for someone who truly cares about you AND who day-to-day life is very easy.

Hi Queenb , hey girl we all make that mistake ! thats why we learn and grow from our mistakes.<br />
Everything you said been there done that and moved on ! <br />
I have been single for 17 years now and have met an amazing man but don't know what the future holds. But will never settle for anything that will make me question my decision.<br />
Best wishes for your future together...

I am very happy for you. I sometimes wonder if I will ever again find that special someone, and then wonder why in the world I would want to change what I have now. lol

2 funny...<br />
my wife and I sit and talk about our ex bf's and gf's.