I Wonder Why I Got Married Too

I loved him.  He felt like my best friend that I could completely be me and share myself and give myself completey too.  I did for years too.  Even to this day, I feel that I could completey expose everything about me to him.  I felt so secure emotionally with him.  I thought this man would love me forever.  That is why I got married, but things got real dysfuntional and complicated.  I will not be growing old with the man I married because our marriage is over.

shegi shegi
46-50, F
2 Responses Apr 1, 2010

I am not maried but i do feel for you. "Love is blind" maybe true but i think its important to wait till the blindness faids and you see clearly, then you are in the best position to choose if you want to be with someone?

That is beautiful and sad. Beautiful in the way that you completely gave yourself. To do that is the hardest thing. Very sad that it didn't last for you...I really feel for you.