I Got Married..

NOT because we have been together for 6 years, NOT for security, NOT for money, NOT because ppl were telling us non stop "so when yall gettin married you have been together forever"....We got married because everyday is better with each other, because the love we feel for each other is wonderful, because i want to grow old with this man....Because HE makes me HAPPY...We are really being tested now, bc my husband joined the Marines a month after we got marred, but i know our love is strong enough to get thru the distance apart and the **** life will throw at you during these times... I know im young im 21 hes 22...& i hope that we continue to love each other more everyday, and not be the typical statistics in divorce...

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Hes going thru MOS school silk...thats why were not together, He is done on the 16th, and "WE" will be moving to our PDS, for the remainder of his 4 years...So dont worry i got this...& itstimeforlove...wow girl you dont look 18 at all...i would atleast guess your 21 in your picture..

Congratulations ^ _ ^ wish to you a happy life..

I "checked" the SAD box, because I am 'Concerned' with the<br />
Possibility that "your hubby" Might be "one" of those Military men Who "Get Married" then NEVER "See" Their Wives "except on Rare Occasions" (like a BRIEF Leave). They "acquire" what is Called a "Trophy" wife, someone THEY can show "a picture" of to their OTHER military friends; but THEN go on to "Party with their buddies and become Unfaithful". Which "the Poor Lady" discovers ONLY TOO LATE in the relationship; and becomes the "tragic heroine".<br />
The ONLY "way" I know YOU can Be Sure THIS DOES NOT "Happen" to you, IS To Insist ON "HIM" Acquiring Housing (On or Off Base) AND HAVING "YOU" With Him ALL The Way. THROUGH "his time" IN the military.<br />
IF "he is TRULY Special", ACT "now". Folow this "advice"; Or 'One Day' you'll Likely "end up" as I Described in the First<br />
Part of this message.

I wish you luck too. Wish him safe return.

Thats so sweet! Deff would be impossible if he was over in afgan..lol but hes in the states so thats a great idea, i think imma try it. :) Thanks! :)

That is really sweet. It must be so hard being apart from each other. It reminded me of something I heard somewhere (I can't remember where). But there was a couple, and the guy had joined the army and they agreed to both look at the moon at the exact same time every night so that they knew that they would both be seeing the same thing and sharing the same experience at the exact same time every night. I thought that was such a nice idea.