To Have A Family

I got married because i fell in love with my best friend. We are still best friends although sometimes when he gets on my nerves, he seems more like my best enemy. I think it's that way because we know each other inside out and we know which buttons to push. Marriage wouldn't be marriage if there were no rough times. Based on experience, the relationship gets stronger and more meaningful after every challenge conquered.  I got married too because i wanted to have a family. Although right now we only have one child, hopefully we can have some more in the future. But what a wonderful child she is! Recently, my husband was taken ill, as in seriously ill. Last year, we spent a month at hospital. The doctors were preparing me for the worst, his main doctor, even went as far as to tell me how long my husband is expected to live. That was last year but now he is still with us, everyday i am filled with gratefulness that when i open my eyes in the morning it's still his lovely face that greets me. The thing is he and I we knew what we were getting into. We knew it wasn't going to be perfect or easy breezy, marriage takes a lot of work, sacrifice and commitment.

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Things like this wake us up...Most of us dont have that chance because we already leapt before our eyes were opened..... Thanx for the story

Thank you!

Awww very inspiring!!!!