I Love Feminine Underwear

As long as I can remember ,I have loved feminine underwear..
I can remember being about 13 years old and taking one of my sisters bras and keeping it and wearing it under my clothes at night. She complained to mum that someone had been through her dresser and removed some of her stuff but I was not blamed ( as far as I know ) .
As I progressed into adult life the urges and desires got greater and more often.
I have never really desired to become a woman , I just love wearing bras , knickers , stockings etc in fact any lovely feminine undergarments.
Over the last 45 years this has caused me so much grief , starting with my wife who has always been upset by the fact that I never told her before our marriage , however we have survived 42 years together and she tolerates my needs but still cannot embrace them.
I love her very much and I am sure she loves me just as much or she would not have put up with my needs and desires all this time.
I must say over the years I have struggled with this part of my life as I am all " man " in every other way and as previously stated have no desire to become a woman but in saying that I also have no desire to relinquish my feminine side and the need to wear woman's underwear.
I enjoy my feminine feeling and believe I am a better , more softer and understanding person because of this .
I have struggled to understand why I was born to be like this and over the years it has been a huge burden but strangely enough I can look back now over the years and honestly say I would not swap those years for life as a "straight " male.
I love and embrace my feminine side and wear bras and knickers whenever possible and also somehow one of my undeclared wishes in life seems to have happened as I now quite naturally fill a 18 c bra.
My wife started saying 25 years ago that if I get bigger in the bust I will need to wear a bra and now she admits that I have quite large breasts and I have done nothing to enhance them but am very appreciative and pleased to have them.
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I wear panties 24/7. There is a reason.
The following is why us men wear panties, girdles and bras. All men, the opposite for women, have a feminine side. In some it is strong and in some it is weak. The strong are those who are seeking or have had sex re-assignment surgery. The weak are those who tear up at a sad part in a movie or at some other emotional event. I am in the middle with some guys toward the weak and others toward the strong. I do not believe that wear articles of feminine clothing is a fetish. Nor to I accept the excuse that panties feel better than men's underwear. The day you accept your feminine side give you relief and a sense of being. I no longer even realize that I am wearing panties as I feel that panties are the appropriate underwear for me.