I Really Want to Quit !!!

 I want to quit smoking soo bad ...  but its just soo hard .. i tend to run to them in comfort and joy .. go figure  joy in slowly killing yourself....   i think im gonna try  as soon as they get my meds under control ...  i just dont know ... its sooo hard to quit !!! i really want to  does anyone have any suggestions
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6 Responses Feb 27, 2007

My wife just started using an "e cigarette". She just loves it because she can smoke anywhere now because it produces a "vapor" not smoke! Still gets her nicotine and it is almost 3900 chemicals less than a real cigarette. She found out about them through a friend who had a discount code...saved some money on here first order. The site is www.greensmoke.com/yourdiscount. Use "disc10-8170" at that URL and you will save 10%. It only works one time..she tried..LOL! The site will explain everything about them. They are really cool! If you have any questions, I will have my wife reply.

Actually Quiting cigarettes was harder than, quitting drugs. I went to the VA stop smoking clinic and they medicate you wellbutrin, school ya give ya patches and nickitrol nasal spray it wirked for mew and works for many others best program there is . If ya Dad or anyone ya know is or was in service they can sign ya in but ya still have ta get ya own meds etc.

I think actually you may be on fire. If you are still smoking it may be a sure sign you are on fire.

Its easy to quit smoking, just throw a lot of water on your self. It worked for me and I haven't seen any more smoke since.

yeah i need to get something i tried not to smoke today ... but i had to .. im in the middle of a med change ... and my nerves are wacky right now

I never smoked but that gum they are talking about seems like a good start and if you need something in your hand, you should get something you can't light. Like one of those long tubes that hold the cigarette. Also throw away all cigarettes and don't pay attention to ads or video clips of someone smoking.