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Makes Me Ponder All The Time

Why was I put into this world? I am just an average person in a world filled with billions of people. I have no special talents or anything to really offer. 

I have to stop myself from constantly thinking of such things or else I would get suicidal. 
reset reset 18-21, F 2 Responses Jul 10, 2010

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everyone is Special and interesting in Different ways . their is no weird . i dont think of Life and ageing . i think of Life and Living Life to the full as much as i can everyday . Some People think to much . i enjoy Living Life without thinking about it to much

thats great. i have to try to do that.

But you DO have special talents and a lot to offer. You're super smart, so that's something. Besides that you're a wonderful, talented person. There's nothing wrong with just being a good person.

i Agree . its just what i would have said . Respected Trusted Gent Age63 years young . their is no oldage . their is just me enjoying my life best i can everyday until its the last one