I Dont Wornder I Know

I know that I was born not becuase my mom wanted me I was born becuase my mom didnt have the money for an abortion and then didnt have the guts to give me up for adoption.. I was a mistake all the way through. My mom didnt want me and my dad has never even cared more than a day I know why I was born but I wornder why I was born into such haterful families? I am in something nice now. My mom is gone its just me and my big bro and my papa but that dosent change anything. I have still had the first 16 years to deal with. I am stil alone in this world. I have a mother who hates me and everything that I am and yet I am getting a chance at a good life. But becuase of my momther I cant accepte it. I dont have to wornder why I was born I know, my mother has made sure of that!
Geinger Geinger
18-21, F
2 Responses Nov 19, 2011

Think of yourself as Survivor. There were plans to destroy your life, but, even being a sleeping weak cub in your mother's womb, you persevered! You made it, you survived. Your life is a miracle - enjoy it. Your mother does not hate you - some woman whom you have to call mother does. Think of yourself as a child of the Planet Earth, Nature or God, whatever your believes are. This way you can feel loved and precious like any life in this world.

I don't believe in people being mistakes. I think you've got a very important role to play on this earth, Geinger...and it's one that you're suppose to be here for :) Do you have any contact with your mother at this point?

No I do not

You seem like a very brave girl to me. You've been through more than a lot of people (thankfully). I can't message you because you're too young (or maybe I'm too old xD) but, if you'll add me, I'd love to talk to you!