I Know

I know why I was born...well I hope I do...
I think I was born to help others and change this world...and I know that people who read my stories or are at least friends with me are probably tired of me going on about changing the world...but that's what I want to do,and what I will do so if anyone is tired of my 'changing the world',then dont read my stuff.
I dont care if my father wanted a son,not a daughter. I dont care if my mother wanted someone who will be a buisiness man/woman not an artist. I dont care. Cos I was already born,and what is done cant be undone. I dont believe in destiny...everyones fate is not chosen when they're born,its chosen by them over the years they live and I've already chosen my fate. No one will choose for me.
So yeah,I was born to be who I want to be.
itsMEandYOUknowIT itsMEandYOUknowIT
13-15, F
1 Response Nov 19, 2011

Do you have any of your art online by chance?