It Always Seems People In Love Are Always Hurting Or End Up Hurting - Why?

I look at people in love, they begin with stars in their eyes, would do anything be anywhere to be with the "loved one". Then little by little hurts come in, maybe a word maybe a deed, I wonder why bother? I mean it's just so darn painful why bother?
I think of people who change their lifestyles completly to be with their "loved one" and then spend day and night just waiting to hear one word.
Maybe I am becoming cynical but I don't know why bother, I just don't
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2 Responses Aug 10, 2010

At the end of the day, a budding relationship is a gamble wouldn't you agree?<br />
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I suppose the ones that opt not to be in a relationship are the ones that are never disappointed - however, they miss out on all the great emotions of being in love......or getting their heart smashed :)

Maybe it's for just that one time when everything feels perfect. Logic can't enter into it, because if you use logic nothing will last forever anyway. We're all going to die someday, and you can spend your time thinking ''What's the use?'', or you can take the chance and hope for that moment of time when everything will make it worthwhile. That moment DOES happen, and it's true that you can save any pain by not trying at all, but not trying makes nothing wonderful happen at all, while trying gives at least a chance. Far better to try and take a chance with life, or love, then no chance at all. Yeah, I know, seems impossible..But you'd be amazed at how many impossible things are done each and every day. Take the chance, dare for it, and live...