My Fungirl Cave.

I want my own fungirl cave. It is only fair after all.  Of course we will have videogame consoles of some sort because I have got to have my Guitar Hero and Halo fix.  We all know that every guy is going to have sports pennants on the wall of his man cave.  I want to have mirrors on my pennant wall instead.  I have to make sure I look hot while I am playing Wii.  You know there is going to be a ton of clothes lying around in a man cave but in fungirl cave it comes with a maid.  All the clothes are picked up and tidied at all times.  Every man cave would be incomplete without the booze.  Instead of having a keg on tap I will have a nice wine cellar and I can't forget the Crown.  I am sure Pumpkin will share my man cave and I can't live a day without my BFF, Silver01ta, so we will have unlimited Crown on hand. A man cave is going to have lots of balls. (no bad pun intended).  It’s not truly a male room if there’s not something you can throw in it. There will be lots of balls in fungirl’s cave too but they will be attached to the male service staff. Every man cave would have girly magazines but in fungirl’s cave we will have lots of fiction books, especially Nicholas Sparks.  We will spend a lot of time just relaxing and reading.  There will be a flat screen television but my subscriptions will include HGTV, History, Travel, and ESPN.  I have to include ESPN for NFL football. I just love the way their ***** look in their uniforms.  It will also have a large Jacuzzi Bathtub, an entire wall with lotions and potions and a male masseuse on call. Oh and of course every good man cave has a collection of trophies. Well I carry my trophies attached to my body so I want need any extras.  What would you have in your woman cave if you could build one?

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and november is the month of my birthday lol. it would be pretty awesome if we did hang out

sure...depending on what part of canada ur going to. i'm in Ontario. thats as much as i will say on comments lol creepers will get me :| and i'll have to go all kung fu on their butts!!!

No I am coming sometime in October or November.

ur coming to canada?<br />
<br />
or are u just saying that? lol

I am drinking pineapple-orange juice now. Wanna hang out with me when I come to Canada?

yay lol. check out my new group hahaha

They will be in the kitchen. All you have to do is ask one of the houseboys and he will get you one.

what about the pineapples?