Lack Of Accurate Knowledge From The Bible Is The Reason

When a person is fearful or ashamed of expressing their faith, because they are not able to explain their faith, or reason with others concerning their faith and the Bible, and they are not able to back up what's in the Bible, these scenarios could be the culprit of why most people are afraid to express or talk about their faith and beliefs with others openly.
Fear of men, or what others will say or think holds many from speaking up and a taking a courageous stand for God. Many have doubts about the teachings of their own faith and they cannot honestly from their heart talk about those teachings because they don't believe those doctrines that they've been taught themselves.
Some have questioned the doctrine of "The Trinity", others have questioned the validity of the "hell fire" doctrine or teaching, some believe there IS an existence of a loving God; but their faith or place of worship preaches that God does not exist or care about people. Because of that faulty reasoning many have fear when it comes to expressing their faith. Also, they see the hypocritical actions on the part of their parishoners and pastors, so as a result they refuse to express their faith because of seeing bad examples in their church and in their lives. ......  http://www.jw.or/en/publications/books/bible-teach/is-this-what-god-purposed/     .........
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I doubt that even if I read the Bible I would start believing. It's just not in me, a lot of people are the same way.

Some people believe, some people won't, some people never will. It's all fine in my opinion until they start forcing their opinions down someone's throat or something.

That's the beautiful thing of freedom of choice. Isnt it wonderful that God from the heavens doesn't say "You are going to read my Word the Bible or else!"....He, does not force people to read His Word the Bible. He does not shove it down peoples throats who do not want to be bothered with religious or spiritual matters. However, He does expect us to and holds us accountable for not finding out His will and purpose for mankind and the earth. As well as applying it in our lives. There is no need for me to direct you to that specific verse in the Bible Junkard because you've already stated you are not religious and do not read the Bible. That is your choice and others option.
And yes you are correct in saying that

Did not finish my sentence. You are correct in saying some people will believe the Bible and some will never believe what they read in the Bible or even want to pick up the Bible.

Glad you share my view on this. It's a good quality for religious and non-religious people to still respect each other.

Yeah its good to be that way. I agree with you.

Haha I think this is the first time we completely agree with each other.

A virtual handshake is in order. *puts out virtual hand*

A virtual "handshake" is definitely in order. I agree Junkard...see I knew sooner or later we'd fine a common ground :D

Haha I had no doubt either.

Disagreements can be pretty nice too though. As long as you're open to it that is. It allows you to learn and possibly change perspective at certain things.

I absolutely agree with you.

Haha. ^^

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