I Wonder Why My Dad Never

* said that he loves me
* hugged me
* conforted me
* came to my room when i was crying
* listened to me seriously

yeah..i wonder..
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Not every child is planned, but God has a plan for every child.. My dear, the children don't create chaos and problems.. the parents do. The fact that the two people who created the life, gave very little regard to what they were bringing him or her into proves selfishness and immaturity on a level that makes you unfit to parent. A child from birth, ideally needs a mother and a father, committed both to each other and to the child for the duration.. Having children outside of marriage causes pain for both the parent and the child, period. Ask anyone with an absent parent how that affected their life.. I'd wager to bet it still affects them today.. To bring a child into the world is a huge deal, people just pop babies out left right and center and give very little thought to much else, except what will make them feel good in the moment. As a society at large we are rather selfish.. having dealt with them myself with an absent & abusive father, I would not wish abandonment issues on any child. A child born out of rape can still have a bright future, seeing that the mother has been given the proper support and wisdom to know what is in the best interest of the child, and then to do it. If the woman actually carrid the baby to term instead of killing it, than she already does have support to make good choices. I don't believe you should have sex until you're married.. life is full of enough struggles and issues without dragging more kids into unhealthy situations.. I am sorry about your friend.. I'm glad she is happy.

okay chill out..nobody said anything about killing unborns..<br />
i would never marry someone just because i got pregnant.<br />
i don't care if someone has kids as maried couple or not. <br />
what matters is that they love the child and are mature and responsible enough to raise it.

Anaspiringwriter,Babies are reserved for married poeple?outside of marriage sex just creates chaos in one form or another. ??What the **** are you talking about?so any kid born out of marrage will create chaos?Get your head out of your *** why dont you.What about a child born out of rape?by what you said we should kill the unborn,well i have a friend that thanks that she was born.She is very happy in life.

of course we have the same father. he never was a father to him either..<br />
i don't know what he feels because i don't talk about such things with him.<br />
my brother married year ago and the baby is already here..i think it's too fast.

well the best thing to do is look foward. Do your brother and you have the same father.. does he feel like this too? Does he have a relationship with him? I agree, kids should not be having sex and popping out babies.. they should have parents who love them enough to teach them right from wrong, that babies are reserved for married people.. outside of marriage sex just creates chaos in one form or another.

yeah..it's like he doesn't care..<br />
i didn't know his father so i don't know how it was.<br />
the only family i know about is my dad's brother which i don't even see in my life..<br />
i have a brother too. he recently became a father but i think he's still immature.<br />
i see and hear things from him that father should do and say..i think he became father too fast..<br />
and it was like that in my parents times..those were different times. people were getting married fast and had kids quick..and the result is what we have now..

I bet his dad didn't do it for him.. people repeat behaviors they learn.. that was the reason my dad gave to me when i confronted him.. I am so sorry he was not there how you needed him to be, their is often times a valid explanation, but rarely an excuse good enough to a young girls heart for an absent father.

yeah..that's just unexcusable<br />
some people shouldn't have kids

I havent see my father since i was 5.I wonder why my dad never tried to get in touch with his own kids