I Guess He Doesnt Care

I havent see my father since i was 5.I wonder why my dad never tried to get in touch with his own kids :(
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If you want a relationship with your dad you should pursue it.. my mom got divorced before i turned 2 because my father was very abusive to her.. she was a single mom for a year or so before she met my step dad, they married when I turned 3. I only saw my dad on holidays and my birthday and only around other familiy members.. it was very weird and uncomfortable for me, he was more like a weird uncle than my father... but you would be suprised just how much your relationship with your dad ord lack of one will affect you in years to come.. I'm going to be 30 next month and have yet to master a solid stable relatoinship with a man.. probably because im afraid he will leave me, like my dad did.. my mom told me that i'd stand there for weeks and cry and cry for my daddy, and I have no memory of this.. I think if it's something you want, you should pursue it, and your mom and everyone you know should support you in it.. after all it's your life.. if you find him and he does want a relationship with you than great..however on the flip side, if you find him and he doesn't... than that may hurt a lot too.. but at least you'll be ablet o start the healing process with a little bit more closure in your heart, that you did all you could to have him in your life... it may not seem like that will bring comfort, but trust me.. it will.. I wish you the best! :)

Thanks Jasj

Yes it sure can.Sorry about your dad,yeah,i think it would of been better not knowing your dad.From what i remember my dad never hurt us.He was good to me but at that age i dont remember much.I know my mom had her reasons but it does leave you wondering what your father was like,at least you know,as bad as it is.

maybe it was a blessing you didn't meet your dad. If your mother took you guys away from him, because he drank or otherwise, than she probably had good reason. My mom made mistakes growing up, like all of us, but hers affected me greatly. My father was a heroin addict. My mother urged him to quit and when i was 3-5 yrs old he went into a program to do so. He got clean, however what was left afterward was worse than the junky we dealt with prior. He was so mean, verbally abusive and so on. My mom made the decision to divorce him and take me away at 7 years old. It took my dad 10 more years to grow up from being a junky to being a human being (sort of) and then to try and get back into my life. Unfortunately his narcissism was too much for me to handle. Sometimes I think it would of been much better to never have known him. Instead of knowing he is an *******, and at times believing his hurtful words towards me, I could of make-believed he was someone more wonderful. Unfortunately with or without dads can really damage us, can't it!!??

I have had step dads too,one i wish wasnt.the last one was good,hes my younger brothers father.Sadly my brother never met his father either

I've never met my bio father... but I have a fake dad I've claimed

And im proud to call you as my friend too

Whatever the reason its his loss. You turned out to be a wonderful kind man. He should be proud to call you his son. I know I am proud to call you my friend. *hug*

My mom took us away from him i think because he drank.I have very few memories of my dad and all are good.

maybe he wanted..but could. because of your mother.