Brazi Did It Best...

one second he was here, the next he was gone....and we all love him so much :)

why the ordeal of posting a story, you know you're just gonna be hoarded with people begging you to stay...

when i decide to leave, its just gonna be that simple. one minute i'm here, a second later i'm gone....cause thats how i


antiyou antiyou
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11 Responses Dec 11, 2008

funny you should ask, chris....i stole that from another friend on

That's how I I love that. Can I use that term too? Do you have copy rights?

same here, palecowboy

Ya.. repetative mentioning is definitely annoying!

this is completely off subject, but underconstruction, your avatar is the cutest!!

Well, actually it is not always to gain attention. I left EP for a while and I let everyone know about it because I didn't want to them to worry where I went missing suddenly- so that they know that I am fine I am away for a reason.

And you roll real sweet, Antiyou.<br />
<br />
The inmates are running the asylum today on EP.<br />

What the lorax said.....

I have a similar story. I was a bit more harsh with those drama addicts, but the moral was the same. :P

I'd probably tell one or two people who I'm closest to, and that's all. You're right; the please-make-me-feel-wanted-so-I'll-stay bullshit is fairly aggravating.

my pleasure, missliss