I'm Not Conceited

I promise I don't think everyone is in love with me!!

BUT, I do seem to get people confessing their crushes on me quite often, and I'm left standing there, thinking, "What? WHY?" I'll be the first to admit that I am anything but a catch. I am fat, I have a weird face, frizzy hair, and chapped lips. And that's just the OUTSIDE of me! Inside, I am boring, over-emotional, spaced-out, moody, extremely stupid and nerdy, and I have more issues than a magazine stand.

I can't imagine WHY anyone would be attracted to me and that is me being 10000% honest.

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This is an old post, but I can also relate immensely. People always like me. Everyone in my family makes it clear I'm their favorite. My immediate family is very close and we often make jokes about it. I am relatable. I understand where people are coming from, I'm interested in everything so anything anyone talks about I am fascinated by. Even if I don't necessarily believe or like it it still interests me. People get attached to me really quickly. And I am able to make strangers feel like I've known them for years. But oddly enough I am incredibly introverted. I prefer to be by myself and don't really like talking to people that much. It's nice knowing their other people out there feel this way.

Me Too! I can totally relate to this article, people are always attracted to me even when I don't know or talk to them! When I walk by so many people just stare at me "I'm not being conceited here" I have low self esteem and very good at hiding it with a silent but strong vibe I often give off. I tell you, I don't understand it at all. It's like, why me? Why do I always attract people to me and I also have a tendency to attract creeps too! Every time they always seem to fall in love with me, even females Too! It's the strangest thing though...? I wonder about myself sometimes, like what exactly makes these damn people want to get to know me so much, and almost Everyone in my family says I'm their favorite, my cousins my aunts uncles, mom dad, Grandparents, siblings, distant relatives, it seems like right away i always become everyones favorite! But I don't try to be you see, an actually I stay to myself alot because im an introvert whos kind of anti social, but it's more because I'm extremely shy not snobby. But yes, I've been wondering this for years and couldn't quite figure it out, I'm so glad I stumbled across this thread and got to read someone else's similar experience. Thanks Much.

thanks lot,true I know a friend of mine, people especially females are staring at him,he is of my age,so some time i am too jealous, yes he is very positive person ut social too.

i was just telling a friend of mine i just met about a week ago that i dont understand why but people either crush on me right away, or they feel drawn to me or that they can jus spill about anything and everything jus from knowin me even for a day or two. and it does scare me because you kno, when ur not doin anything to evoke these feelings sometimes you get caught up and think that maybe theyre a potential significant other cuz they are so into you but when the pattern is frequent its hard to figure out what i want. and i really dont know what it is i do but alot of people say im their favorite or that they can relate soo much to me, and i personally barely know or even close to feel like that because im very cautious about who i let get close to me. ive feel like im a guardian angel if they walked among us. maybe thats where the different types of anges derive from is these people with natural a natural ability to make people feel safe with there lives their deepest secrets their heart their thoughts. its ivery nterestin

Feinarri: I do believe in positive energy, but that still baffles me because I am not always positive. <br />
Hth13: lol

maybe it is because of your positive energy. many people put this off as hocus pocus but your energy has a lot to do with your life. maybe you have a really positive energy and its affecting others around you to like you.